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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been an established name in Bollywood. The actress is not just known for her acting skills, but also for her fashion game. Being fashionista, she is always under the scrutiny of the fashion police.

While interacting with DNA, Aishwarya was asked how she handles the fashion police, she replied; “That’s a part of being on a public platform. If you’re talking about the comments — whether it’s about the immense praise or critiquing — that’s just part of being a celebrity. That’s fine because it goes with the turf. I’m very easy with it. I don’t diss it or disrespect it. Experience is the best teacher, after all.”

When Aishwarya was further quizzed on whether she felt the industry didn’t take her seriously because of her looks, she replied; “Fortunately, not. I’m thankful for that. The media has been there for me, right from the beginning. Along with that, I’ve worked with great talents from the time I started. I interacted with Mani (Ratnam), Yashji (Chopra), Rajeev Menon, Adi (Chopra) and Subhashji (Ghai) so early in my career. My choices spoke to my audience.”

“These filmmakers didn’t choose me for my physicality. They wouldn’t risk their career for it. My interviews took away a lot of pre-conceived notions, ideas and judgment. I have been school-girlish with my approach and choices. I was good at keeping with schedules. I would be sincere because of which sometimes, I just walked out of some great films. Maybe, I should have been fierce and allowed the schedules to just figure themselves out, as I saw with a lot of my colleagues who worked over the years,” Aishwarya added.

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