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Ambiben Modi’s Spiritual Guidance This Holi!

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Spiritual healer Ambiben Modi explains the meaning and significance of the colorful festival of Holi. She says, “Holi, the name itself, is so holy, pious. It is a day of colors and colors have tremendous powers. Just the mere sight of a palette full of colors will give you so much joy. It is a day of forgiveness and new beginnings. Colors bring you joy which heals you and makes your mind, body and spirit happy!”  Talking about the significance of colors, she says, “Each color has its own powers and significance. Since generations, we have been using white as a sentiment of peace, pink as a symbol of love, green signifies prosperity, yellow signifies wealth and opulence like gold. Now, knowing the significance of these colors, if they’re used in spaces or worn appropriately, they certainly carry their powers and fill the person and space with their attributes.”  Holi also has a lot of Puja and rituals associated with it. “Holi marks new beginnings, end of the winters and the onset of summers. It signifies the welcoming of fruits. It is a strong Hindu belief that going around the burning Holi fire rids self of negativity, provides year-long protection against flu, against skin diseases, bad omens and if you do the Holi ‘pradakshina’ by taking your family’s name, you’re extending protection to your entire family,” she says. Here is what Amiben suggests you do this Holi. “Holi is also a festival of ridding negativity, it is a good time to de-clutter your homes and do charity. Clear your homes of useless items to fill the homes of needy and you will receive positivity in abundance!” she says.

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