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Ankit Siwach Does An Intimate Kiss With Garima Singh Rathore!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Shooting an intimate scene can get awkward no matter how beautiful the scene turns out to be later. Television actor Ankit Siwach, currently seen as Ram in ‘Manmohini’, said that he was scared while shooting an intimate sequence with co-star Garima Singh Rathore. “I never thought kissing on screen would be tough. Portraying certain level of intensity, intimacy and emotions through physical touch in front of the camera is not at all an easy task. This was the first time that I locked lips on screen and I froze right before my shot,” he told us. The actor also thanked his team for making him comfortable. “Garima and the entire team helped me by creating an atmosphere which could support the scene. Fortunately, the final take has come out very beautiful and aesthetic,” he said.

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