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Choreographer turned director  Ahmed Khan’s Baaghi 2 is loaded with action, drama and twists. The film is a remake of Telugu film Kshanam. The film produced by Sajid Nadiadwala is poorly written and badly executed. The film is full of over the top action sequences and like many other Bollywood masala films, please don’t expect that any logic is used in the film.

The movie starts with a heavy action scene, during which Neha’s  (Disha Patani) 3-year-old daughter Rhea was kidnapped. Neha calls Ronnie for help, who is an army officer at present and her boyfriend in college. So, the reason is clear Ronnie is “one-man army” now who else can help her to find the missing child.

The first half is packed with kidnapping, cliche dialogues, establishment fo Ronnie’s nationalism, two back to back songs which filming the love and breakup story of Disha and Tiger and slow-motion entries of characters like  DIG Shergill (Manoj Bajpayee), LSD (Randeep Hooda), and Sunny (Pratiek Babbar). So, unlike other Bollywood films first half is very slow and boring.

Talking about the acting performances, as expected Tiger and Disha’s acting is not that impressive but their chemistry and toned body will definitely please your eyes, at least for some time. On the other hand, Manoj as the senior police officer and his junior cop who dresses like an addict Randeep gave you some moments of fun and laughter which helps to feel their presence despite their limited screen time. Deepak Dobriyal, who play a Hyderabadi Usman Langda as usual, wins us over with his performance. The acting of Prateik Babbar as Sunny is ok, who plays the role of a drug addict.

The makers of the film didn’t invest much time in writing which results in a bad storytelling with many loopholes. The scripting is bad and so as the direction. Deemag kya hota dahi, dil kya hota sahi, Hydrabadi bus biryani ke liye nahi kurbaani ke liye bhi jaane jate hai, Life me bahot se cheezo se guzra hai wo, yeh jo tera torture hai, woh mera warmup hai are some of the cliche dialogues of the film. There is no flow in the movie as in the middle of a serious scene, flashbacks and songs are randomly inserted. For example, there is a scene where Ronnie is talking about something serious on phone and within in a second, his old college friends dragged him in his marriage (because story me kuch bhi hota rhe hai but hero-heroine ka nachana-gaana bahut jaruri hai).

Now, let’s talk about the main ingredient of the film i.e action. So, in the film, you can see every type of action and stunts from chasing sequence to the helicopter stunt with a very loud background score, which at some points feels like unnecessary and irritating noise. Tiger Shroff used all his tricks of martial arts and actions in the film. Some action scenes are so unrealistic that it feels like a video game where Ronnie “one man army” is flexing his muscles and breaking bones of around hundred people alone. In one scene one of the villains tries to kill him with a machine gun. But not a single bullet can touch our action- hero.

As I mentioned above there are songs placed randomly in the film which only disrupt the pace of the film is also forgettable. Especially, the song  Ek Do Teen, that features a special appearance by Jacqueline Fernandez, is a total disappointment for me. Other songs like  Mundiyan Toh Bach Ke, O Saathi and Lo Safar are ok.

So, the conclusion is if you are a fan of action-packed films then Baaghi 2 can be a one-time watch but if not then choose another movie for this weekend. For me, Baaghi 2 is 1.5/5.


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