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Breakup That Led Sahil Khattar To Go Bald!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Some may resort to alcoholism; some decide to get under the covers and hide from the world…break ups can be tricky. However, in some cases, good comes out of it as well. Actor Sahil Khattar’s decision to change his look after a break up actually got him his identity in showbiz. “When I was 21, I had a major heartbreak. I was in a relationship with that girl since I was 17 and it was the first time that I had become serious. When we broke up, I started thinking about what guys do after a breakup. I felt like they go and drink alcohol or go on a holiday. I did not want to drink and I did not have the budget for a holiday. So, I just thought that I should change my hairstyle and I became bald. Since then, I have been bald. When I came to work in TV, this identity stuck to me. So that depression which I had during the time of my relationship, and the decision which I took finally helped me get a unique identity,” he says.In fact, that’s how people know him now. “In my first show, I wore a wig and even my family members could not recognise me! In fact, being bald helped me bag a role in my upcoming film 83 as well. I play the role of Syed Kirmani and the look really worked in my favour. If you see from the whole cast, I am the only one who looks the most similar to their character. My dad always said that if you think you have a liability turn it into an asset, whatever is a bane you can turn it into a boon and that is what I did!” he says.The actor says that being bald is in no way a hindrance to your career. “I think this is just the start to becoming the first bald superstar in India. Internationally there is The Rock who is the highest paid actor since so many years, and then there is Pitbull, who has amazing songs… both of them are bald. I don’t understand why we feel that India is not prepared. I think India is very prepared to have a bald superstar, I am just working towards that,” he says. Baldness is the reason he got to play the bald and beautiful and the most iconic wicket keeper of all time Syed Kirmani in 83

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