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Commando Of Indian Army Ashvin Katariya Presents Music Album ‘Pehli Kiran’


Jyothi Venkatesh

Music album ‘Pehli Kiran’ is the first venture from Azad Hind Film Creation’s stable. It is produced by Ashvin Katariya, the commando of Indian Army. The album has been penned, composed and rendered by Ishan Pandya. The music video has been directed by Ashvin featuring himself with Hetvi Shah. It will be soon released on all various music channels. Producer Ashvin Katariya is a resident of Surat (Gujarat). Since the last 11 years he is working as a Commando in the Indian Army. His second venture is a Hindi feature film titled “Posting” which will mount the floors next year. Ashvin Katariya reveals, “This album displays the emotional feeling, sentiments and affection when we come back home on holidays and meet our parents, brothers and sisters, wife or girlfriend and other family members. It is the spirit and the fervor. I would be overwhelmed if the entire common man understands the compassion in our happiness and sadness.” The album is composed, rendered and penned by Ishan Pandya, who has also acted in many films. He has displayed his acting histrionics in Hindi films like “Jeevan Saathi”, “Gang Of Surat” amongst others. Ishan Pandya says, “It is a heart-rending emotion which strikes the chord of one’s heart. We have put in our full efforts to make this album.”

Ashvin Katariya,Dilip Patel, Ishan Pandya
Ashvin Katariya,Dilip Patel, Ishan Pandya

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