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After having watched the film, I just wanted to know why the hell makers made this film? Director Chakri Toleti in his Hindi directorial debut wanted to do something new and unusual.  So, he thought off an idea to make a film which is basically a spoof of Bollywood films especially KJos films. But, clearly, he is even not able to make a proper film. Seriously,  many YouTube channels are making better spoofs than Diljit Dosanjh and Sonakshi Sinha starring torturous comedy film.

I agree this film is one of the rare initiatives by makers that make fun of their own films and industry, but this combination of some comedy scenes is failed to tickle any funny bones of audiences.  The film is based on the not so funny incidents that took place in and around the International Indian Film Academy awards (IIFA).

After giving special Thankyous to the tons of Bollywood celebs, the torture finally begins with a very different song, show me your big smiley with footages from many celebs’ like Arjun Kapoor to Shahid Kapoor’s Instagram stories playing in the background.  So, the story begins in NewYork where the IIFA employee Sophie (Lara Dutta) wants to take revenge on his boss Gary (Boman Irani) who stolen credits for Sophie’s idea and also refuse to give her the partnership in business. So, she organises a talent hunt for common people to give them an opportunity to share the stage with big Bollywood celebrities at IIFA award show. For obvious reasons, Sophie chose two of the least deserving candidates, a local Punjabi goonda Teji (Diljit Dosanjh) who has a filmy keeda inside him and Gujarati costume designer Jinal (Sonakshi Sinha) who wants to designs clothes for big stars like Salman Khan,  for her revenge plan. The chemistry and nok-jhok between Diljit and Sonakshi have not left much impact on me. Performance wise Diljit is charming and perfectly delivers his one-liners and also succeed to make me laugh in some of the scenes.

Talking about the other cast apart from small cameos, the film also features Karan Johar and Riteish Deshmukh who are playing themselves and who are the hosts of the IIFA. I actually enjoy their performances in actual award show more than this film. Of course, Riteish’s comic timing is perfect as usual but not working for me in this film. After watching  Karan Johar playing double roles (of KJo and his evil twin brother Arjun) in the film, I just want to say acting is not his cup of tea. I enjoy his TV reality shows and chat show more. In the film, I even don’t like him playing in himself in the film.

Apart from all the tortures, the editing part is terrible as they included real footages from the actual award with the scenes of the film which looks very awkward and funny. The jump cuts of the audience enjoying the show especially after Teji’s final performance are tacky and bizarre. Rana Daggubatti’s Baahubali mode, the graphics, visual effects used in the films, Katrina Kaif and Aditya Kapur talking about acting skills and songs are few things which actually make me laugh in the whole film, I hope you can understand, why?

At last, I just want to make an appeal to the filmmakers that you can to do a lot better than this! Next time at least try to make a better spoof film at least better than tons of spoofs available on the internet.  And if you want to a make fun of your films and Bollywood, please be a better savage while making fun of your films next time!

For me, it’s a 1/5


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