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Girija Oak’s Sweet And Sour Gesture On The Sets Of Ladies Special


Jyothi Venkatesh

The best way to peoples’ hearts is through their stomachs. Girija Oak, who is all set to play the role of Meghana Nikade on Sony TV’s upcoming show Ladies Special knows this only too well! The actress has recently started shooting for the show and decided to treat the entire cast and crew of the show with some Lemon Cakes. When asked about this sweet gesture, Girija said, “It’s such a pleasure to work with this amazing cast and crew every day. Everyone here is so hardworking and appreciative of each other. I brought along these lemon cakes for everyone from Pune’s famous bakery which is also famous for selling Shrewberry biscuits just because I wanted to make them happy.” Actors are known for throwing grand parties and events to show their gratitude, but there is something endearing about the sweetness of a lemon cake that made won Girija a lot of brownie points from her co-workers. Great going Girija!

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