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Holi In Us Is Very Different, Says Amit Sarin

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Although actor Amit Sarin is literally living his dreams in the US, the actor gets homesick at times, especially during festivals. With Holi around the corner, Amit remembers his childhood memories of the festival.”My favourite childhood memory of Holi was from my days in my hometown Benaras. I remember we used to wear white kurta pyjamas and have a lot of gulaal in our hands. My grandfather, father and uncles used to make Thandai. The custom was visiting friends and relatives and also sporting a tika on our foreheads. The evenings were spent in meeting our near and dear ones. Now, when I am based in the US I do miss all this. When I was an actor in Mumbai, we used to celebrate Holi in a grand way. I miss the mouthwatering sweets and snacks. After I shifted to US, I have become closer to our culture and festivals. You value it more, cherish more, when you don’t get it.” He still remembers when he had Bhaang for the first time. “I still can’t forget my first encounter with Bhaang. I had it during my engineering days. My friends played a prank on me and made me have thandai, saying it has no Bhaang in it. I went crazy and could not stop laughing and eating. I was standing under the shower for hours because if I lay down, it felt like I was flying and that will hit the roof anytime. I can never forget that experience!” Amit, who is producing a film in the west, says that Holi is celebrated in the US too. “There are a few dedicated places in the US where we play with light colors. Holi in the US is not the same as Holi in India.”

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