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Jayantilal Gada’s Pen India launched new channel ‘WOW’

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After making his identity in Indian Hindi cinema over the last three decades, the owner of Jayanti Lal Gada Pen Studios is now giving a new property to the TV. His new channel, Wow, which was launched in Delhi on July 18, will feature the best movies and songs from Hindi cinema to be screened on a small screen. This channel will be run by Jayanti Lal Gada’s younger son Akshay Gada.

P.K Bajaj, Jayanti Lal Gada
P.K Bajaj, Jayanti Lal Gada

Jayanti Lal Gada says, “When I started working, at that time my eldest son had worked hard with me in the work of television and film production to reach our level differently and now my younger son Akshay. When we started showing interest in digital space, we thought of launching this new channel because both digital and broadcast work work together.

Janhvi Kapoor
Janhvi Kapoor

Akshay wants to take this company very much. “I want the WOW channel to entertain the people without being entertained so that whenever they make our channel, only the WOW gets out of their hearts,” from 8 AM And will be shown at 2 pm and 10:30 pm.

Akshay Gada, Janhvi Kapoor Dhaval Gada and Jayanti Lal Gada
Dhaval Gada, Janhvi Kapoor Akshay Gada and Jayanti Lal Gada

In addition to the Gada family, in the launch of this channel, producer Boney Kapoor ji, his daughter Janhavi Kapoor, who was recently present in Hindi cinema, was also done by the entry of ‘Dhadak’. Bonnie Kapoor and Jayanti Lal Gada are quite old friends and Janhavi Kapoor is on stage Akshay Gada welcomed.

Reshma, Dhaval Gada, Jayantilal Gada, Boney kapoor, Satish Kaushik and Akshay Gada
Reshma, Akshay Gada, Jayantilal Gada, Boney kapoor, Satish Kaushik and Dhaval Gada

During the launch, Boney Kapoor congratulated Akshay and said, “Congratulations to everyone on your behalf and I wish Akshay’s good future and I am sure Akshay will do a very good job like Jayanti Lal Bhai.

P.K Bajaj, Narender, Kaisar and Reshma
P.K Bajaj, Narender, Kaisar and Reshma
P,K Bajaj, Satish Kaushik
P,K Bajaj, Satish Kaushik

About Pen India Pvt. Ltd.

For many years, Pen India Limited has not only made good films, but has given very good content. Pen Productions, created by Jayanti Lal Gada, has earned fame and respect in the box office in Bollywood. Films produced by Pen Production Co-production include many famous movies like Story, Story 2, Commando 2, Sholay 3D. Pen has not only produced large TV serials such as flight, heart, heart, naming and dealer Baazigar but also on small screen. Pen also has M tunes channel in which songs are shown. Not only this, BT NEWS, which is the only Bollywood news channel, which shows news on many good issues, is also run by the pen.

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