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Karishma Tanna who has been missing from the limelight for a while now, might just be coming back with a bang. According to reports, the actress is all set to host an online show called Stupid Cupid, which will come under the banner of a web series by Fabform and will go live on The Comic Wallah YouTube channel soon.

“The show is more fun, it’s youth-based, it’s addictive and it’s fun. So that’s the show and it comes on a YouTube channel and Facebook,” Karishma said. “In a TV show, you are restricted to a lot of things. On television, you can’t put the content you can put on a web series and on the channels digitally. That’s one thing and it’s faster like, you shoot and tomorrow it’s going to come online, so there is no waiting period there and plus, it’s easier to view and every time you want to repeat or you want to rewind, you can rewind it on digital and you can watch it. She also spoke on how she feels about hosting a show, “I love things which are different and shows which are different. That’s one of the reasons I’m doing this show and yeah, I think it’s different.”

You can check out Stupid Cupid’s sneak peek here:


Well, let’s hope the show does well and we wish Karishma all the luck for her new project.

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