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Making,’Kalank’ Happen Which Is A Dream Of His Late Father Yash Johar- Karan Johar

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Karan Johar is one film maker who could make these things possible…No prizes for guessing Karan will always be credited to have brought Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit together after so many years … -Bollywood is a place where good will prevails and the good will the late Yash Johar can be seen in today’s times…Like father like son —-Karan has also been able to let his good prevail…KJO is one film maker who can get all the big wigs from the B”Town or Sports fraternity onto his show and films…..With Kalank Kjo proves muscle power is not important …its always sweet talks and good will that prevails—–in thisprofession especially

 Hear what Karan had to say during the Teaser launch of Kalank”

  1. Making,’Kalank’ happen  which is a dream of his late father –Yash Johar
  2. Bringing Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt together after so many years.
  3. Having a stellar cast for Kalank.

The “Kalank “ ‘ Teaser launch was the much awaited event of the day present on the occasion the stellar cast Sanjay Dutt,Madhuri Dixit,Sonakshi Sinha,Varun Dhawan and Allia Bhatt were all present along with Director Abhishekh Verman and Sajid Nadiadwala

The excited  KaranJohar expressed his joy and said,”  it is a big day for is, it is very special. It was born in the fabric of our company a decade and a half ago, but I am happy it has finally happened. I am happy with the way the story is written by Shibani Bhateeja, and it is a labour of our love. Abhishek Verman has taken this ahead, and has made this film possible. ‘

Karan further thanked Sajid ,” : I thank Sajid Nadiadwala who is the kind of mainstream cinema, and i am thankful that we have collaborated on this film

Karan on,”Kalank “and his dad: the story’s germed when we finished ,”Kal Ho Na Ho.” My dad was well versed with the atmosphere with the nature of such films. Papa was a photographer too, so he had clicked pictures for this story. But then papa passed away and I could never get back to that project. And one day when I told this story to Abhishek Varman, he was ready to do it, and I knew the film was in right hands. This film is beyond the box office for me as this film is my late father’s dream which  is finally being fulfilled.”

Karan on bringing Madhuri and Sanjay together:,’ they are artistes, they saw ,understood  their roles and thus decided to   sign this  film. They read the script and said yes for the film, just like other actors.

Karan on putting female stars’ names first in this film: ,”we were brought to this universe by women, I have been brought up by some really strong women. And the women of this film are so great, their prowess is something else. So we had to put their names first.

Karan on Alia and Varun on having grown up,”: I think the kids have grown up. They were kids when they did Soty,”[Students of the year] and now they have grown up, see how they are in Kalank.”

Karan praises his stellar cast,’ : I am very proud of our stupendous stellar cast. We have had our share of jokes and great experiences.

Karan clearly finds Abhishekh his boy favorite hear him say this,” : Abhishek Varman is our boy-favorite. This is his second feature film, he was involved in My Name is Khan. And he is a great friend.

Put this in a box plz

Madhuri on taking the role after Sridevi’s death: I was very sad with her death, I had a very heavy heart when I was approached to do this. To step in her role was difficult as I knew it that she was going to do it and I would miss her. But then as an actor I have to go pass it and take it up. I will always miss her terribly .”

Madhuri on working with Sanjay Dutt-: we are working together almost after 20 years, it was great working with Anil Kapoor also. So it is always great to work with old colleagues

Sanjay on working with Madhuri: I was very happy, it was nice to work with her and I look forward to work with her. “

Sanjay Dutt:on late Yash Johar- I was very close to Karan’s father, always a pleasure working for dharma. I am so proud of Karan. It was great working with Varun and Alia and Sonakshi. And great to work with, ma’am Madhuri, after so many years.

Sanjay when he was asked what kalank they had their life: I think the kalank of me going to jail has finally gone.


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