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“Manoj Joshi Sir is like a father figure…” – Karanvir Sharma in Sony SAB’s upcoming show Mangalam Dangalam

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Tell us about your character Arjun in Mangalam Dangalam.

Karanvir: Arjun is short for Nagarjuna Kutty. I am playing a South Indian, being a Punjabi, for which we have gone through a lot of dialect study. The good part is that Arjun is not a stereotypical South Indian. He is a lawyer who hates lies and is the sane factor of the show. He has a strong sense of ethics that he has inherited from his mother. He is sophisticated and is someone from today’s generation. Born in South India, brought up in Indore and speaking pure Hindi, Arjun is not stereotypical in any way and is a fun guy.

How do you think Mangalam Dangalam is different from any other show on television today?

Karanvir: The simplicity of Mangalam Dangalam is its USP. It is a sweet and simple show. Viewers will get to see good performances. There are brilliant actors like Manoj Joshi, Shubha Khote and viewers will get to see me on television, which is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.

What made you say yes to this role?

Karanvir: I remember during my theatre days, I used to do some workshops with Anupam Kher. When you are part of a play or do workshops, you understand your strengths and weaknesses. I used to love doing situational comedy. All this while, I never got to do it. I have played grey, layered and serious roles. With Mangalam Dangalam, I am leaving the macho guy aside as of now, and the boy next door comes in. That, for me, is refreshing.

Tell us more about the ‘Jamai – Sasur’ tussle on your show.

Karanvir: Manoj Joshi will be an awesome Sasur. The tussle is always is going to be there between Jamai and Sarur. It is a sweet fight. Everyone thinks they are right.

How will you convince your prospective father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage?

Karanvir: I don’t think any jamai has an idea. They just try to do something and if it works, it works. Just be yourself and be confident. If all else fails, then RUN!

You have started shooting already, how has your experience been so far?

Karanvir: Let me start with the production. They have been as supportive as they can be. The creatives involved on this show, they are open to suggestions and also incorporate them, so I feel indebted. It has been good, but hectic. I am not used to doing so many scenes in a day but that is how television is and I have come to terms with it. There is a responsibility and you have to deliver for the audience to watch you more, for their love to supersede everything else.

How is your relationship with Manoj Joshi? How was your experience shooting with him for the first experience?

Karanvir: I am shooting with everyone for the first time. I am aware of their work though, but not them personally. When I met Manoj Joshi, I thought he was really serious, maybe because he did not want me to get too comfortable as he was playing the Sasur. However, now that we have opened up, he is like a father figure, and gives me advice. He is very young at heart.

Any memories of your first girlfriend’s father?

Karanvir: I have a very good memory. I have never dated for a short period of time and always wanted to have that everlasting love. I never used to come on time to pick my gf up, but the first time, when I had to show my face for a family dinner, I reached before time. It was quite surprising for my gf. She asked me what I would do for the next half an hour and I said I will prepare what to say. She had, unbeknownst to me, asked her father to be strict with me. He started asking me why I had reached so early, since they were not prepared. They had staged the whole thing and I was the scapegoat. It is one of the things you want to wash from your memory, but can’t. If I have ever reached anywhere on time, it was only on that day.

How is Arjun an eligible bachelor according to you?

Karanvir: Arjun is a lawyer, is on the right side of the world and will back you up with words, more than masculinity. He is ‘Aaj ka Arjun’. He is chilled out with friends, has a ball with his father-in-law and takes the girl’s family out for dinner. He doesn’t lie. If in today’s day and age you don’t lie, are witty, intelligent and know what you want, these are few of the things girls look for. So all the girls out there, if you want a guy who will never cheat on you and never lie, then please love Arjun.

Any message to share with the viewers?

Karanvir: We are coming up with a brand new show show – Mangalam Dangalam – which is a slice of life, light hearted show about the Jamai – Sasur relationship and the whole tussle. So, I would like to ask all the Jamais to lend their support and watch our show on Sony SAB.

How is shooting for television different from web shows?

Karanvir: Timelines. You complete everything in a web series and you have a leverage on time till it is completed. Here, on television, it is a longer commitment. It is so alive and fast paced. I feel television is similar to advertising. There are protocols, research is done and feedback taken into account. It is all about what the consumer wants.

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