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Movie Review: Ani Dr Kashinath Ghanekar (Marathi)

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Producer- Viacom

Director-Abhijeet Deshpande

Star Cast- Subodh Bhave, Prasad Oak, Sonali Kulkarni, Sumeet Raghvan and Vaidehi Parshurami

Genre- Biopic

Rating_ ***1/2

Heartwarmingly Nostalgic!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Ani… Dr Kashinath Ghanekar is inspired by the book Nath Ha Maza, or This Is My Lord, by Ghanekar’s second wife Kanchan.  The film is about the legendary actor role played by Bhave who is an eminent dentist and his growth as a super star in Marathi theatre. Subodh nails Ghanekar’s style, talk and everything in between with such finesse that I feel no one else could have matched so effortlessly. He brings to life every nuance and every aspect of the late super star actor on the stage. While Sonali Kulkarni as actress Sulochana Latkar has been sidelined , it is Vaidehi Parsurami who plays her daughter Kanchan who steals the scene with her natural and effortless performance.

Sumeet Raghavan fails to deliver as Dr Shreeram Lagoo while Prasad Oak delivers an excellent performance as Prabhakar Panshikhar. Mohan Joshi is excellent as the subdued Bhalji Pendarkar . Suhas Palshikar as Master Dattaram and Anand Ingle as the writer Vasant Kanetkar are superb. Abhijeet Deshpande ought to be commended for his grasp at the medium though it is his debut film as a writer and director.The best thing about the film Ani Dr Kashinath Ghanekar, a biopic of the legendary stage and film actor, is that it comes as a breath of fresh air, since it actually features some big guns of Marathi theatre and cinema expressing negative feelings about the protagonist, played by Subodh Bhave and does not just glorify Ghanekar.

Recreating an entire era for any period film is a colossal responsibility and three cheers to art director Santosh Phutane for his wonderful job. However, Shivaji Mandir and the sets around look too sanitized to be Dadar then. Rohan-Rohan and Ajit Parab recreate some songs from Ghanekar’s film career, including ‘Shoor Amhi Sardar’ and ‘Gomu Sangatina, Slick editing by Apurva Motiwale and Ashish Mhatre, makes the film watchable. On the whole, a heartwarmingly nostalgic film which ought not to be missed at any cost!

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