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Movie Review: Blank

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Producer- Dr Shrikant Bhasi, Tony D’Souza, Vishal Rana, Nishant Pitti and & Pictures

Director- Behzad Khambata

Star Cast- Karan Kapadia, Sunny Deol, Ishita Dutta, Karanvir Sharma, Jameel Khan

Genre- Thriller

Rating- **1/2

Taut but Predictable!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Though the film which is being touted as a high octane action thriller about a terrorist with a difference, starts on a positive note with a story hitherto unexplored in the annals of Hindi Cinema in which the protagonist is shown losing his memory in an accident and is subsequently discovered to be a suicide bomber Haneef (Karan Kapadia) who does not recollect who he is, the premise is hardly new because basically it is yet another story of revenge set in modern Mumbai.

Agreed at times, the film is a edge of the seat thriller but the screenplay does not hold the pieces together and with hardly any entertainment quotient, the viewing does become tedious by the time the film ends, especially because by the time the close-to-two-hour-long film ends, the suspense that served as the backbone of the film in the opening minutes gets overcooked, with a predictable finale.

The film is about the chase between a anti Terrorist Squad chief S.S. Dewan(Sunny Deol) and terrorist Haneef who is being interrogated after the cops find him in an accident with a bomb strewn on his chest. The script just goes about like a rolling stone, taking every piece of moss (brainwashing of children by Islamic terrorist groups, 2002 Gujarat riots, and the arrest of Dewan’s young son in a drug possession case) along the way, with not much emphasis on the side story which also has Kishori Shahane who has been wasted in an inane role as Sunny’s wife. Action scenes which are terrific and R.Dee who scores as the DOP save the film from being dubbed a blank and what’s more bland film

Though Sunny is as usual in top form, he does not twitch his emotional muscle even when his son is caught by the cops in a drug rave party case whole Karan Kapadia who is making his debut with the film  is good though his dialogue delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Ishita Dutta is good as Sunny’s assistant. Ishita and Jamal Khan who is seen as the Terrorist chief suit their parts well. Incidentally both Ishita and Jamal figure in both Setters as well as Blank this week.

On the whole, Behzad Khambata makes a passable debut as director but is handicapped with a lean script by Pranav Adarsh , Pradeep Atluri and Behzad himself  and will find the going tough at the box office and even Akshay Kumar who is seen in the song sequence Ali Ali will not be able to save the film from sinking.

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