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Movie Review: Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka

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Producer-Green Gold Animation Private Limited

Director-Rajiv Chilaka and Binayak Das

Voices- Sonal Kaushal, Rupa Bhimani, Jigna Bharadhwaj, Sabina Malik, Aditya Raj Sharma, Pawan Shuklaa, Nishka Raheja

Genre- Animation

Rating- ***

Enjoyable Watch!

Jyothi Venkatesh

This Indian animation film based on the characters Chhota Bheem and his friends is the 4th sequel of Chhota Bheem after ‘The Throne of Bali”, “The Curse of Damyaan” and “Himalayan Adventure”. The film distributed by Yash Raj Films has been released in two different languages Hindi and English in 2D and 3D version.

Bheem, who is now in China, to participate in an annual martial arts competition, is faced with the humungous task of bringing a princess home, by fighting her evil cousin Zuhu – who commands an army of slaves and soldiers possessing magical powers. The princess Kia of the kingdom of China is abducted by her own kin – cousin Zuhu motivated by greed and blinded by vengeful tendencies. The animation film is about how upon seeing her inconsolable father’s plight, Bheem (voice by Sonal Kaushal) and his friends are implored by the grief stricken Emperor to rescue the princess and . Chhota Bheem and his friends Chutki, Jaggu, Raju, and Kalia rise to the task.The Dholakpur gang assembles and trains to take up the mission to rescue andbring the princess Kia back as they travel through China on some wacky and brave trials.

The film reiterates the fact that love and friendship should be based on the foundation of unconditional support and selflessness. Despite the minor hiccups, ‘Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka’ largely works due to its strong emotional content. Anyone who’s watched animated movies from the West will agree that the 3D animation in ‘Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka’ is at par with its Hollywood counterparts.

Written by Nidhi Anand and Teja Pratap, the film is a veritable treat indeed for the children during the summer vacations. Though the 3D effects do not at all add to the dimension of the emotional film, three cheers go to Rajiv Chikala and Binayak Das for having dared to come up with a heartwarming feel good animation film which will be enjoyed by kids as well as adults of all ages.

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