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Movie Review: Dosti Ke Side Effects

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Producer- Joyal Daniel

Director- Hadi Ali Abar

Star Cast- Zuber K. Khan, Sapna Choudhary, Vikrant Anand and Anju Jadhav

Genre- Social


Jyothi Venkatesh

The story written by Reena Daniel and produced by Joyal Daniel revolves around close childhood friends who separate because of circumstances but happen to cross paths as adults several years later when they happen to study in the same college. There is absolutely nothing original or stunningly novel about the story which defies logic all the time and it looks like it was produced in the first place to just make a film out of Reena Daniel’s subject and propel Sapna Choudhary into the limelight.  Set in North India and Delhi, the film features Haryanvi dancer and reality television show Bigg Boss participant Sapna Chaudhary with Vikrant Anand.

In a bid to make it palatable to the masses, director Hadi Ali Abar fills the film with several campus fights, though he fails to pad the film with some sense of logic. Sapna Choudhary is energetic but her dialogue delivery ought to improve whereas Anju Jadhav shows promise as one of the thick college friends. The film’s soundtrack is composed by Altaaf Sayeed and Manny Verma and to a large extent the music of the film elevates the film to a higher level whereas direction by Hadi Ali Abrar is not at all praise worthy. His earlier attempt Dongri Ka Raja was a better bet any day.

The climax is far fetched and predictably illogical. Though the film may not find any takers for it in the main cities and multiplexes, especially with as many as four releases in Hindi, as far as single screen theatres, it may be patronized by the front benchers who are on the lookout for a masala plot, forget about logic and emotion

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