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Movie Review: Gaon The Village No More


Producer-Director- Gautam Singh

Star Cast- Shadab Kamal, Gopal K Singh, Neha Mahajan, Shishir Sharma, Rohit Pathak, Omkar das Manikpuri

Genre- Satire

Rating- **

Novel Concept executed shoddily!

Jyothi Venkatesh

A village ironically called Bharat Gaon that is established by revolutionaries and untouched by government or commercialization is found by a young man who decides to introduce developments there in keeping with globalization. Will this be a boon or a bane for the villagers, is what the story is all about. Just why Bharat wants to give up his life in the big city and take on this project is not clearly explained. The way he becomes the village chieftain by winning a drinking game, too, doesn’t quite fit.

The biggest problem with the film is that it does not connect with you at all with a plot that is archaic and what’s more even unbelievable to the core. Why should a young educated guy leave the city and opt to live in a village which does not have even electricity.

While Shadab Kamal is up to the mark as far as acting is concerned, Neha Majan hams top the core and is seen behaving like a little girl weeping on her father’s shoulders at every given opportunity. Gopal K Singh is a pleasant surprise, especially after seeing him being wasted in inane roles in the past.

Rohit Pathak is natural as the rebel in the village who is at logger heads with the protagonist all the time. Editing is uneven and you feel that a slicker editing would have made the film watchable as it lulls you to sleep half way through and what’s more the plot is very insipid. While the concept here is interesting, the execution is shoddy. There is more happening in the second half than in the first.

The film has hardly any scope to survive at the box office.

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