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Movie Review: Hotel Milan


Producer- Haresh Patel

Director- Vishal Mishra

Star Cast-Kunal Roy Kapur , Karishma Sharma  Jaideep Ahlawat , Zeishan Quadri , Rajesh Sharma  and Zakir Hussain

Genre- Social

Rating- **

Damp Squib!

Jyothi Venkatesh

After creating quite a stir with his directorial debut, the highly controversial ‘Coffee with D’, the director is back with yet another controversial film ‘Hotel Milan’. Two ambitious friends, Vipul (Kunal Roy Kapur) and Saurabh (Zeishan Quadri), come up with an innocuous business idea to run a hotel called Milan, a convenient destination for lovers to meet, which charges couples in love on an hourly basis to provide them with a clandestine place to meet in Kanpur. However, the situation goes out of control when they are attacked by the anti-Romeo squad with the connivance of the corrupt cops and political hooligans, led by MLA Goldie Kaushik of Bharat Nirmaan Party’s Youth wing (Jaideep Ahlawat). Shot in Uttar Pradesh, ‘Hotel Milan’ takes a stand against anti-Romeo squad and political hooliganism in a northern state.

Though the premise is quite promising and what’s more bold too, the execution of the film leaves a lot to be desired, right from the beginning when it opens with a Shammi Kapoor type of song “Main Stepney Nahi Hoon” sung by Vipul who is wooing his girl friend Shaheen. It beats how Shaheen who does not even allow Vipul to kiss her on her lips suggested to him to hire a room for two hours so that they can spend some quality time with each other.As far as performances go, Kunal Roy Kapur is quite earnest though it is high time that he should shed his weight. Karishma Sharma is cute as his romantic interest while Zeishan Quadri has hardly any role worth mentioning. For a change, Zakir Hussain tackles a comic role with ease while Rajesh Sharma steals the scene with his hamming and going overboard with his role.

For a film which begins on a note of promise, the climax blows away all your hopes and ends on a note of whimper. On the whole, Hotel Milan is tacky and disjointed and quite a damp squib.

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