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Movie Review: Kaagar (Marathi)

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Producer- Sudhir Kolte

Director- Makarand Mane

Star Cast-Shubankar Tawade, Rinku Rajguru, Shashank Shende, Shantanu Gangane

Genre- Social

Rating- **

Insipid & Half baked Tale!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Kaagar is topical film set in a village with a political backdrop. The story plays out in a small town called Virainagar in the sugar belt of Maharashtra, against the backdrop of a political conflict between a senior MLA Aabasaheb (Palshikar) and a young leader Bhayyaraje (Shantanu Gangane). Guruji (Shende) is a cunning political leader who has shifted his loyalties from the senior MLA Aabasaheb to the young leader Bhaiyaraje and the speculations about the changing sociopolitical scenario are rampant. Though Guruji’s daughter Rani (Rinku Rajguru) is least interested in joining politics, she is in love with Guruji’s right hand Yuvaraj (Tawade).

It is about a restless and short tempered young software engineer (Shubhankar Tawde) who becomes a volunteer for a political guru (Shashank Shende) in order to avenge the death of his father. who joins a political guru to work for him. However, he is also in love with the man’s daughter. The film is about how the cunning political guru uses the young lad for his own political benefits.

Though the software engineer is also in love with the guru’s daughter (Rinku Rajguru) , the ambitious guru ruins our lead actor’s life and, in turn, his daughter’s life as well. Coming as it does with an unusual title, the film is being touted as the Sairaat girl Rinku Rajguru’s comeback after her debut with the 100 cr film Sairaat and a political angle (that too exactly during the ongoing elections and but naturally a lot of expectations were riding on Kaagar. Unfortunately the film falls flat with insipid direction by Makarand Mane coupled with shallow character sketches and a lacklustre story.

Shubankar Tawade is good in a different get up as a cunning and wile politician but gets over shadowed at times by Rinku Rajguru who just manages to replicate her Sairaat character and does not lend any new dimension to her as an actress.

Thanks to his own story, Makarand Mane fails this time as a director with a half baked script and the film ends up as insipid, bland and what’s more predictable  political tale, which does not sizzle at all.

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