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Movie Review Kutte Ki Dum


Producer-Sonika Patel

Director- Sunil Patel

Star Cast- Taniya Dang, Jass Boparai, Jasbir Randhawa, Lalit Sing Rao, Raz Rehman Ali, Bhushan Kumar, Kulwant Khatre and Sunny Chawaria

Genre- Drama

Rating- * 1/2

Amateur Exercise!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Kutte Ki Dum is a comedy drama, which meanders and goes around in circles with no premise or cohesive content whatsoever and tests your patience to such an extent that you may end up deceasing not to see any film for the next few weeks. It is kitsch of romance, silly comedy and super natural powers all combined in one, with almost all the actors hamming to their heart’s content in front of the camera proving that  they had no business to be there in the first place.

It is about a old bachelor who sets out in search of a sword of his ancestors which is hidden in a forsaken cave which h is supposed to be haunted by zombies. Sunil Patel, in a bid to be the jack of all has tried his hand at not only writing but also writing the dialogues and the screenplay but also composed the music and edited the film as well and in the process has churned a grossly incomprehensive film which defies logic of any kind. To show humor, the leading lady tells her father that he has not bought her any new costume and hence she has been wearing her maxi given to her at the age of 8 which looks like a mini when she is 18.

The film is about five youngsters who follow troubles religiously or vice versa troubles follow them with diligence every time they tend to show off their smartness. Everyone in the film is on a spree to fulfill his or her ambition and seek his or her dream at the cost of others.

To sum up, though the film is supposed to be a satire, it ends up as an amateur exercise in preaching and advocate in the end that humanity is a virtue which ought to be preserved at any cost whatsoever.

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