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Movie Review: Luckee (Marathi)

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Producers-  Sanjay Kukreja, Suraj Singh, Deepak Pandurang Rane
Director- Sanjay Jadhav

Star Cast- Abhay Mahajan, Deepti Sati, Nilesh Divekar, Mayuir More, Shashank hende, Mehul Jangli, Shubangi Tamble, Sanika Ghaisas and Rutuja Kulkarni

Genre- Campus

Rating- **


Jyothi Venkatesh

This film revolves around four young and carefree friends. A 21 year old teenager Luckee (Abhay Mahajan) comes from a humble background and ironically despite of being friends with majority of girls in his college, he has a crush on Jiya (Deepti Sati) and continues to scout for every opportunity to impress his lady- love.  Luckee comes to Mumbai to study and falls in love with Jiya , but unfortunately for him, . One day, Jiya catches Luckee staring at her and gives him a tight slap. The news spreads like wildfire in his college.

Luckee’s friend Sanket (Mayur More) suggests Luckee to take revenge of the slap. This leads to a bet wherein Sanket challenges Luckee to convince Jiya to fall in love with him. Excited, Luckee agrees, but ends up getting beaten up by Jiya’s boyfriend. Despite all this Luckee is still in love with Jia. Do the two unite? Their college announces its annual trip to Goa. On the tour group, Luckee meets Jiya, his interest. What happens during the annual trip forms the crux of the story.

As far as performances go, all I can say is that Abhay Mahajan shows a lot of promise. Deepti Sati not only looks beautiful but also acts well. Nilesh Divekar, shines in a small cameo. Mayur More as Sanket , Luckee’s best friend scores as an  actor in the film, while Shashank Shende in a brief role is impressive. Ramesh Wani
is hilarious. Chetan Dalvi is as usual superb.  Shubhangi Tamble, Mehul Jangli,Kamesh, Sanika Ghaisas, Rutuja Kulkarni offer good support.

Director and DOP Sanjay Jadhav succeed in making an entertaining film.  The music by Amit Raj and Pankaj Paadgham is of first rate.  The locales of Goa have been beautifully shot. Overall an entertaining film meant for
teenagers and collegians. With a lot of ingredients for the youth and Deepti Sati oozing out glamour from every pore of her body and exposing without any hesitation, the film has a fair amount of chance to do well at the box office, though this week as many as 9 Marathi films have been released and a vast majority of them will crash at the box office

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