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Movie Review: Lupt


Producers- Hanwant Khatri and Lalit Kiri

Director- Prabhuraj

Star Cast-Javed Jafferey, Meenakshi Dixit, Niki Aneja, Rishab Chadha and Tishina Khandari

Genre- Horror


Not So Scary!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Successful businessman Harsh Tandon (Jaaved Jaaferi) is bullied by his wife ( Niki Aneja) and daughter (Meenakshi Dixit) family into taking a vacation for which he does not have the time or the inclination. Harsh is committed to making money, but he has also been having strange visions recently, and decides to take a break to relax his brain. After a strange guy accuses Harsh of having bartered his soul for money, he embarks on his vacation. Following the sudden breakdown of their vehicle, a stroller with a strange-looking a doll, a mysterious man (Vijay Raaz) who turns up out of nowhere and invites them to his cottage in the middle of the woods, the creaking swings and flickering lights.Finally, the road trip turns into a spooky nightmare as a family of four is attacked by strange entities and after that the story of the revenge by the super natural powers led by Rishina Khandari unfold in a bland manner which fails to scare you at all.

The biggest problem with Lupt is that it is the latest in a series of karmic horror films, with the kind of plot you can predict right from the first frame but hang around with the hope to see a spark of hope on the way the director sets out to helm the film.

Though Javed Jaffrey enacts his central role with a gruff voice and an authoritarian manner about him is bearable as the family patriarch, Niki Aneja as his wife has hardly any scope. Tanu as Meenakshi Dixit is good while Rishab Chadha as her  brother Sam is a revelation and a surprise packet. Vijay Raaz impresses with his otherwise dispensable role. So is Karan Anand’s character as Tanu’s boy friend

The tedious and often unnecessary reliance on tropes like over amplified screechy sound effects and different inanimate objects moving by themselves are enough to disappoint fans of the genre who’ve seen it all.To sum up, it is a not-so-scary horror film that fails to make you go weak on your knees

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