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Movie Review: Vanila Strawberry And Chocolate (Marathi)


Producer- Director- Girish Vishwanath

Star Cast- Janaki Pathak, Ravi Kale, Rajashri Nikam, Radhika Deshpande, Kshitij Deshpande

 Genre- Social

Rating- **


Jyothi Venkatesh

The story of the film revolves around a stray named Vanilla and a school girl named Teju (Janaki Pathak). There is an ample scope to incorporate finer details of the dog-human relationship, but unfortunately the same hasn’t been fleshed out well on the screen. Instead we only get to see Teju all the time running in her school uniform behind the dog, fretting about the dog and petting the dog or tending to it. There is absolutely no chemistry or drama around the relationship between the girl and the dog.

As far as the performances go, Ravi Kale and Rajashri Nikam, who play Teju’s parents in the film, deserve a special mention for their performances. Especially Ravi Kale, who has rendered a well balanced role of the rickshaw puller strict father who is too caring about his wards. Though Janaki Pathak is sincere, it looks like she is a tad too old for the role of a school girl.

What this film which just goes on and on lacks is a gripping story to go along with the performances. What it needed is a little drama which is missing and hence it fails to tear your emotion al buds. Some films revolving around pets have been hugely popular in the past like Valu, Bhalu etc.

In short, I am of the opinion that though the intention of the producer was sincere and he wanted to introduce his little daughter to acting, Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate fails to strike a chord as it does not have a good enough screenplay and lulls you to sleep at times with its lack lustrous, almost contrived dialogues.  Not only the lack of budget but also the lack of a solid theme is evident as the film unfolds with a lot of repetitive sequences. Instead of wasting your time and money in watching this bland film, just have a feast of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate for yourself.

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