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Movie Review: ‘Yeh Suhaag Raat Impossible’

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Director: Abhinav Thakur

Producers: Jayesh Patel and Narendra Patel

Actors: Pratap Saurabh Singh, Pritika Chauhan, Pradeep Sharma and Aloknath Pathak

Critic Rating: 3 stars

Nowadays movies with new subject are being welcomed in Bollywood. A movie with a new concept has been released this friday, which title is also unique. The name of this movie is “‘Yeh Suhaag Raat Impossible’  “. Jayesh Patel and Narendra Patel are the producers of the film while its director is Abhinav Thakur.

The story of the film is stuck around the fact that the Suhaag Raat that was going to happen was suddenly impossible. What happened that night, it is not possible to celebrate honeymoon That’s why the name of the film ‘ ‘Yeh Suhaag Raat Impossible’  ‘.

‘suhaag rat’ does not mean that the content of the film is bold but it is a comedy drama that people can watch with the family. This film must be seen for especially those boys and girls who, without any thought, decide to marry in a hurry. This film gives the same message that marriage is a life-long affair, not a game of dolls.

Pratap Saurabh Singh, Pritika Chauhan, Pradeep Sharma and Aloknath Pathak have important roles in the film ”Yeh Suhaag Raat Impossible”. Pratap Saurabh Singh is playing Satya Prakash in this movie while Pritika Chauhan is playing Devika’s character. When both of them are ready to celebrate honeymoon in the movie, the story comes in a big twist. And then the movie goes on the comedy track. This film gives a special message to both married and young people wishing to marry.

Director Abhinav Thakur specializes in his work as he handled very good a comedy film. In the past years audience have proved that now the newness is being liked by the cinema goers.

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