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Movie Reviews Jack And Dil




STAR CAST- Arbaaz Khan,Amit Sadh,Sonal Chauhan, Evelyn Sharma

DIRECTION: Sachin P Karande

GENRE: Drama

Rating- **

Lacks Punch!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Jack (Amit Sadh) is a “happy-go-lucky” lad who is introduced to a pug in a TV commercial, he’s smitten and wants to own the canine at any cost and approaches a certain pug owner cum ad executive Walia (Arbaaz Khan) who wants to do away with his pet. Since Jack can’t afford the asking price, Walia suggests he make up for it by playing the detective on his wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan) who, he suspects, is having an affair. Jack admits to his affair with Shilpa in the process of spying in on her but Walia refuses to believe it. Jack Challenges Walia to woo her back. A challenge that is really tough for Walia. Does Walia take up the challenge? Does Shilpa take a divorce or wins Walia back? You have to sit through the film to know the answers.

It’s quite depressing to sit through the movie which has only three characters almost throughout the film which boasts of a really bad script and is worked on a silly premise, thanks to a hackneyed screenplay. The overall senselessness of the film is evident in many sequences. Arbaaz Khan is hardly able to muster any emotion on his face other than sport a glum face while Amid Sadh impresses though his is a role which hardly offers him any scope to act. Though Sonal Chauhan is lucky to be part of a film with two heroes, she fails to bring any credibility to her mundane role other than look sexy and pretty.

It is really difficult to believe that the script has been written by Sanjeev Dutta who had earlier shared writing credits with director Anurag Basu for films like Barfi and Life in a Metro, because it lacks punch.  To sum up, see it only if you have nothing else to do!

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