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Murari Turns Into A Gambler In Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

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Since Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain never misses a chance to entertain viewers with its plot-twists and hilarious characters like Elaichi (Hiba Nawab), Murari (Anup Upadhyay) and Pancham (Nikhil Khurana), the show is all set to surprise its viewers with a Diwali special track up its sleeve where Murarigets addicted to gambling and ends up losing everything precious to him.

The whole of Chandni Chowk is in a festive mood with Diwali around the corner. Amidst all the celebration, Murari indulges in playing cards with people within the society, eventually leading to him getting addicted to gambling.As soon as Elaichi realizes Murari’svice, true to form, she comes up with a plan to get Murari out of this addiction. She, with the help of the family members including Pancham, plays a prank on Murari to help him realize what gambling will cost him.

Will Elaichi’s plan actually helpMurari to get rid of his gambling addiction?

Anup Upadhyay playing the role of Murari said, “Diwali is said to one of the most auspicious festival in our Indian culture and our upcoming track on JijajiChhat Per Hain will actually help people understand the true essence of the festival is more than playing cards or gambling, with loads of hilarious plots to keep the viewers entertained”

Hiba Nawab playing the role of Elaichisaid, “I have always loved Diwali as a festival, it is mesmerizing to watch the entire city lit when it is supposed to be the darkest night of the year. The viewers are certainly going to enjoy the upcoming track watching Elaichi determined to get her father rid of his gambling addiction”

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