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Natak Pictures Espouses Responsible News Reporting 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Following the recent fall of events where the Indian TV channels were despised for meddling with matters of national security and sensitivity, Natak Pictures releases a fiction short film ‘Prime Time’, touching upon the damage irresponsible media reporting can cause. The Delhi-based film studio has released the short on Youtube this month.

Revolving around the ill-effects of sensationalized news shown during the prime time on TV news channels, the film re-iterates the basics of news reporting. Just like other short films created by the channel, Prime Time, Natak’s tenth short is a small-budget film designed to subtly convey a strong social message; this time to the India media-#ReportResponsibly.

Commenting on the release of the film, Rahul Bhatanagar, film Director said, ” The idea behind ‘Prime Time’ was to harp on the important role Media plays in today’s time. In a democracy like ours, I believe, Media evidently and rightly has the power to seed, shape and mould perceptions. But as goes the popular words of wisdom ‘With power comes responsibility’, and in the case of media, where one wrong report or even a statement can mislead a large population and in some cases have devastating repercussions, the responsibility is multi-fold. The film is aimed at sending out a message to all the media houses to utilise their power – the freedom of bringing out truth, RESPONSIBLY”.

The film entails an over-night flip in the life of young working girl introduced by the misleading ‘prime time’ news. The role of the working girl, the protagonist, has been played by Radha Bhatt, a popular actor from the TV serial

Natak Pictures is a Delhi-based film studio that is exclusively into making short films. Founded in late 2016, it has released 10 short films, so far. Known for its creative and quirky approach, Natak Pictures has made a place for itself in the short film space in a very short span.

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