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Recreating The 90’s Disco Era On Super Dancer Chapter 3 Makes Mithun Da Emotional

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Jyothi Venkatesh

The gala weekend is back with interesting dance fusion performances on Sony Entertainment Television’s acclaimed kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 which will celebrate disco king Mithun Chakraborty’s television comeback. The upcoming episode of the show is filled with fusion disco performances recreating the 90s era in the presence of Mithun Da. To make it a grand welcome for Mithun Da on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3, all the judges and the contestants were dressed up in the 90’s disco fashion. Judge Anurag Basu was dressed up in the attire of actor Ranjit’s Robert look. Graceful Shilpa Shetty Kundra and elegant Geeta Kapoor were dressed in dazzling disco attire. To add a 2019 flavour to 90s era all the contestants and the gurus performed on the popular songs of Mithun Chakraborty making it perfect fusion performances like disco-kathak, disco-lavni, disco-Bharatnatyam, disco-jazz and many more. All the kids received tremendous appreciations for their top of the world performances.

Anurag Basu claims Super Dancer Chapter 3 is incomplete without Mithun Da

During the show, Anurag Basu said, “I thought we are a complete team as Super Dancer Chapter 3. But today, I feel that Mithun Da was missing in the show. Now the show feels complete with his charm and guidance.

Mithun Da dancing with the judges on Super Dancer Chapter 3
Mithun Da dancing with the judges on Super Dancer Chapter 3

Disco king Mithun Da recorded 64 beats of a Disco song in one take

During the show, Mithun da revealed that he recorded the entire Disco song in one take. Moreover, other popular songs like “Yaad aa rahi hai” which is one of Shilpa’s favourite song and “Ae oo Aa” was also recorded in one take. He is obliged to Director Veer Subhash and Bappi Da for the major success in his life. Mithun Da even said that there is no place in the entire world where he isn’t being recognised. Whenever he goes in other countries like Russia, France, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria he is recognised as Disco King. Shilpa remembers that when she went to Ukrane, one of his fan approached her to say that he loves Bollywood and is a big fan of the song Jimmy Jimmy.

For judge Geeta Kapoor, Gully Boy Tejas is like Mithun Da

After Tejas’s performance Geeta says that she is very well able to relate Tejas with Mithun Da. Tejas is known to be a blooming bud from Mumbai and known as gully boy. She recalls Mithun Da had also came from Kolkata. She finds potential in Tejas to be a recognised as a star like Mithun Da.

Anurag basu made Tejas cry on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3
Anurag basu made Tejas cry on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3

Dhairya’s mom Pooja Tandon confessed her love for Judge Anurag Basu on the show

Dhairya’s mom Pooja revealed that she is a very big fan of Anurag Da. She finds him cute, sweet, and innocent. She mentioned that he is looking unique in his attire as Robert (Actor Ranjit). Further, she even mentioned that all the mothers here are a big fan of Mithun Da and dedicated a performance for Mithun Da on the song “Maine tujhko dil diya”

 How did Punjab’s Baby Birju Maharaj surprise judges on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3?

Contestant Dahirya surprised judges by experimenting with the unique dance form that he never did on the show before. Dhairya gave a surprise element of western dancing in his performance along with terrific stunts. He performed on the song “Yaad aa rahi hai.” Later, Shilpa recalls that this song gave Mithun Da stardom and success globally. She appreciated Dhairya by saying that he has the ability to achieve an International stardom like Mithun Da. Mithun Da added that Dhairya is redefining Kathak by making his mark in the history of Kathak dancing.

Saksha and Vaibhav
Saksha and Vaibhav

Super Dancer Chapter 3 Judge Anurag Basu made the contestant Tejas cry after his performance

During Tejas’s performance on Mithun da’s popular song “The Disco Song” Anurag played a prank with little ejas. He acted like he was scolding him. To which Dhairya broke into tears. Later he took Dhairya in his arms and calmed him down. To support the kid Mithun Da recited his popular dialogue from the film Ashanti “Ae teri jaat ka baida maroo! Koi shaq?” to Tejas and asked him to say it to Anurag Dada.Anurag Basu’s new look impresses Mithun Da on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3

Anurag Basu and Tejas Verma
Anurag Basu and Tejas Verma

 After contestant Dhairya’s performance Mithun Da mentioned that he liked three things in the entire show.

1) Dhairya’s performance

2) The way Mama ji (Paritosh Tripathi) wore disco jacket over his kurta.

3) Anurag Basu’s Robert look. Later, Mithun da also copied his look and wore black goggles to give him company. Anurag Basu was resembling Actor Ranjit’s Robert look.

Kolkata girl Rupsa proves that she is better than Guru Nishant on Super Dancer Chapter 3

Rupsa performed on Mithun Da’s song “Julie Julie”. There was a moment when Nishant forgot his dance steps but Rupsa managed to do it the right way. Receiving appreciations judges commented that Nishant failed in front of Rupsa. Geeta Maa titled her as the “Helen of present generation”. She commented that she never thought someone can ever match the charm actress Helen has. She even mentioned that she saw the previous performance of Rupsa 4times in a row and is not able to get over it. Mithun bowed in front of her and said he didn’t even notice Nishant performing as Rupsa was so good. He asked Rupsa to say the dialogue from one of his films. Moreover, other judges were jealous seeing Rupsa talking to Mithun Da because she never speaks up. When Mithun Da asked her to choose between him and Anurag Da she chose Mithun Da. Geeta added that she is the only contestant who has shown maximum variations in the dance performances till date and the duo hasn’t repeated any form of dance style in the entire show

Contestant Tejas Verma performing on 'Disco Dancer'
Contestant Tejas Verma performing on ‘Disco Dancer’

Why does Mithun Da want to be in the shoes of Punjab da Sher, Saksham?

Saksham shocked everyone on the sets with his performance on the song “Jimmy Jimmy”. He received immense appreciation for the unique conceptualisation which was based on the camera equipment ‘Jimmy Jib’. Geeta Maa got him in her lap.  To which Mithun da humorously added that, “I am jealous of Saksham. I wish I was Saksham to be this close to Geeta Maa.” Saksham who is known making up funny and notorious stories narrated his dream on why he chose the theme of Jimmy Jib camera. Later, Mithun Da played a prank with Saksham that the team asked his mom to go back to Ludhiana. Saksham on not seeing her mom on stage was searching her mom everywhere. But then he found out that it was a prank by Mithun Da.


Classical queen of Chhattisgarh Anwesha reminds Mithun Da of Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s first performance

Anwesha who redefined Bharatanatyam by adding a flavour of disco received appreciation for her lightening performance. Mithun Da recalled that when he saw Shilpa Shetty Kundra dancing for the first time he was awestruck. He gave Shilpa the title of, ‘Bijli’ who brought goose bumps by her wonderful performances. The same was to be seen in Avesha ‘s performance. Shilpa mentioned that she wouldn’t be surprised if someday she gets to hear about Anvesha Bharatnatyam Style as she is truly magical with all the flexibility to make her mark in the world of Bharatanatyam

Anwesha and Anil on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3
Anwesha and Anil on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3

Is Mithun Chakraborty in love with Geeta Kapoor?

While everyone on the sets was teasing Geeta Kapoor with her wedding card Mithun Da revealed some less known facts. He expressed that he doesn’t feels good when Geeta flirts with other people on the show. To which Geeta humorously mentioned that she is waiting for Mithun Da to propose her and say “I love you”! Mithun Da further narrated that all actors used to get attracted to Geeta’s beauty. She is still beautiful but she was more beautiful before that there was no actor who didn’t appreciate her beauty.

Mithun Da with the contestants of Super Dancer Chapter 3
Mithun Da with the contestants of Super Dancer Chapter 3

 What made Mithun Da emotional on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3?

Dehradun boy Akshit and guru Vivek surprised everyone on the sets with their unique performance element. The duo performing Bollywood dancing without background music left everyone in shock. Shilpa commented that he has made history in the grounds of Super Dancer leaving the audiences and judges speechless. Akshit who comes from a lower class family whose father (Rajan Bahadur) is a Rickshaw driver and mom (Parvati Bhandari) is a helper expressed their happiness in seeing their child come this far. Mithun Da appreciated Akshit’s parents for being loyal and true to themselves and their efforts in upbringing their child. Further,  Akshit’s dad conveyed that he wasn’t able to come to watch Akshit perform live because he had to work hard to earn a living. But then, he attained a lot of appreciation because of Akshit in Dehradun. He spoke about how people are now crazy to sit in his rickshaw saying that its “Akshit’s rickshaw’ and are excited to have selfies with Akshit.

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