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Sargun Mehta is one successful Television actress and also a known name in Punjabi cinema industry. The actress though being successful has never done any Bollywood films.

While interacting with Hindustan Times, the actor talked about the reason why she has not worked in any Bollywood films yet. She was asked if it has anything related to Nepotism, she said; “I have always had two versions of it. First one is, the good roles never come to us [outsiders], we are not even auditioned for them, because they are already taken away.”

“You will have to really look in the past few years to see how many outsiders made it easily, or coming up in numbers more. Basically, everyone around is a star-kid. But then there are people like Nushrat Bharucha and Kartik Aaryan, who are making it. However, look at how they made it. Their films weren’t big-budget ones, or they weren’t invested in, or ‘launched’. They were the ones who made it, just because, like a chance,” says the actor.

According to Sargun, this is an over-hyped issue as she said; “Say, my father runs a business, and today my brother is running it for him. There are people who have worked with him for 30 years, but today, my brother is the boss. That’s not fair, but that’s what parents do, and that’s what a legacy is supposed to be. Why would somebody work hard for 30 years if they can’t give it to their kids? Nepotism, I feel, sometimes is a little over-hyped and sometimes very true.”

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