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Superstar Will Smith thanks singer Badshah for Aladdin Hindi song and sends a special message for India

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Disney India is all set to take local audiences on a magical journey to a whole new world this summer. Disney’s Aladdin, a thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of the most-loved animated classic flies into theatres in India on 24th May 2019 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Now, with the re-imagination of the timeless songs, melodious music, classic romance and spellbinding magic, Disney’s Aladdin promises to be a perfect entertainer again. To add more magic in the live-action adaptation for the regional audiences, Badshah has created an exciting promotional song and music video for the live-action adaptation. And the song has been released now by Disney India, titled ‘Sab Sahi Hai Bro’, and it is everything one would expect from Badshah and friendship goals!!Well, superstar Will Smith who plays Genie in the Hollywood version has seen the song in Japan and finds it great! He has thanked the singer and also spoke on Bollywood!Here is what he has to say on Badshah’s original Hindi composition for Aladdin.Badshah, great work man….that is beautiful…looking at the things you shot against what is in the movie…….that is some good production you got going on there!! Its funny when we were making the sequence, what I kept saying to Guy (Director), it gotta be Bollywood level man….don’t let the sequence not be Bollywood level! You know I always wanted to be in a Bollywood dance number this is beautiful man….thank you!!

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