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Suresh Oberoi Is The Face For Brand Campaign “Manthan Zaroori Hai”

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH) and Zedblack, launched their revamped “Manthan Zaroori Hai” campaign for Manthan Dhoop with Veteran Bollywood actor Suresh Oberoi as its brand new ambassador. The brand campaign ‘Manthan Zaroori Hai’ urges every soul to awaken his or her consciousness through spiritual conversations. Today each and everyone is chasing or running behind a goal, be it the millennials with hunger for more or a 40 something common man who is wanting to give a better life to his family. Suresh Oberoi will be seen in the TVC campaign which effectively epitomizes this idea and will continuously strive to achieve new milestones in their path with immense positivity.  Ankit Agarwal, Director, MDPH shared “We are excited to bring on board Suresh Oberoi as the brand ambassador for Manthan Dhoop as his personality completely resonates with the brand ethos. MDPH is one of the top three incense stick manufacturers in the country with innovation & quality at the heart of its business. Going forward with this association, our plan is to create a steadfast brand presence across the markets. The “Manthan Zaroori Hai” campaign  stresses on what you reap is what you sow, and how to dig deep within yourself to be successful in today’s fast moving world. Manthan Dhoop with its range of unique fragrances creates an atmosphere ideal for meditation and a calm, composed mind”. With 70% women workforce at its various units, the company has an annual capacity of 8 billion sticks a year spread across its own facility in Madhya Pradesh along with franchise manufacturing units spread across States such as Raipur, Jaipur & Cuttack.

Suresh Oberoi, Brand Ambassador, Manthan Dhoop shares, “Manthan is a process to gain knowledge, to meditate, work, or the mere process to awaken our consciousness. Manthan Dhoop is that little external element which enhances the power of meditation and creates an ambience to discover oneself. I am happy to be associated with Manthan Dhoop as their products with the fragrance put you in a peaceful and soothing frame of mind.”Anand Oberoi, Managing Director, Oberoi IBC, said “We contemplated on a lot of ideas and searched for the right celebrity that would do a justice to this revamped concept. Suresh Oberoi , who is by the way also the uncle of Anand Oberoi, is perfect fit for the brand and for the big idea intended behind this campaign. His deep philosophical knowledge and spiritual conversations with him showed us why he is the perfect fit for the “Manthan Zaroori hai” campaign.”

Manthan Dhoop has 10 variants like Pineapple, Chandan, Gulab, Mogra, Guggal, Loban, Rajnigandha, Champa, Charlie etc. All the products have soothing fragrances and deluxe quality.Ace Indian Cricketer M S Dhoni is the brand ambassador for ZED Black and Odhia Superstar Barsha Priyadarshini for the East Indian market as regional brand ambassador. MDPH is the third largest incense stick makers in the country. It has a network of 30 company operated   depots and 2700+ authorised distributors and its products are available at more than 750000 retail outlets across the country.

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