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The Aspern Paper To Be The Opening Film At The 49th Iffi, Goa This Year


Jyothi Venkatesh

The 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2018 will be held in Goa from 20th to 28th November, 2018. 49th edition of the festival will showcase 212 films from over 68 countries, which reflects diversity of taste. The International Competition section has 15 films out of which 3 are Indian. Competition section itself represents films produced and co-produced by 22 countries.The Festival Kaleidoscope section carries 20 critically acclaimed international films that have been to major film festivals and majority of them being multiple award winners. This is one of the most sought after sections of the festival that showcases best and top films of the year.The World Panorama section has 67 films, which are specially curated for the festival. This includes 4 World Premieres, 2 International Premieres, 15 Asia Premieres and 60 India Premieres. This year World Panorama section presents 15 films, which are Oscar submissions from respective countries.On the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of Ingmar Bergman’s birth, IFFI will showcase 7 best films of his career. Also a documentary on Bergman titled “Bergman Island” directed by Marie Nyrerod which presents the master behind the camera has also been included in this section

The IFFI this year will open with World Premiere of ‘The Aspern Papers’ with international star cast.The Aspern Papers tells a story of obsession, grandeur lost and dreams of Byronic adventures. The whole cast will be present for its premiere at the festival. Golden Globe winner Mr. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (lead actor), Oscar nominated actress Ms. Joely Richardson (lead actress), Ms. Julia Robins (actress), Daughter of Roman Polanski, Ms. Morgane Polanski (actress ) Mr. Nicolas Hau (actor) Mr. Julien Landais (director)Roman Polanski), and Nicolas Hau will be present at the screening. The delegation consisting of  Mr. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (lead actor)- Golden Globe winner, Ms. Joely Richardson (lead actress)- Oscar nominated actress Ms. Julia Robins (actress) Ms. Morgane Polanski (actress and daughter of Roman Polanski) Mr. Nicolas Hau (actor) Mr. Julien Landais (director) will come to India to attend the opening ceremony

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