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Actor Vishal Aditya Singh who is currently seen in StarPlus daily, ‘Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala’ has a special dream that he wishes to fulfil. You might be thinking singing, traveling or even buying a new car but that’s not his dream, the actor wants to become a stand-up comedian.

Best known for his role of Veer Pratap Singh in Chandrakanta, actor Vishal has a flair for writing and calls himself witty. By bagging the role of Tevar in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, he feels he is able to use his writing skills to his strength as he pens down his own rap songs. Talking about it he says, “I like to write poetries in my free time. Acting gives me a high but poetry gives me satisfaction. This show is letting me do both. I have a dream that I really want to fulfil is to become a stand-up comedian.”

He adds, “My nature is such that I love pulling everyone’s leg and I think I’ll make a good comedian.”

We hope you can explore this path too, Vishal!

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