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Vivek Anand Oberoi It’s Going To Be The Revival Of Suresh Oberoi’s Production House

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By Lipika Varma

This time around looks like with Vivek Anand Oberoi its going to be the revival of Suresh Oberoi’s production house. They produced a few commercials but with Narendera Modi”s biopic being produced by Suresh Oberoi ,this could not only be the revival of the production house but you never know the public may get to see Suresh Oberoi donning a cameo role says our source.

Adding further the source updates,” The producers hope to release the upcoming biopic on Prime Minister Narendera Modi before  or during he crucial Lok Sabha election in April/May.

During the poster launch of the upcoming biopic on Prime Minister Narendera Modi held recently which was launched by the Chief Minaiter Devendera Fadnavis,the producers Suresh beroi& Sandeep Singh, director Omung Kumar and actor Vivek Anand Oberoi.

The duo father and the son seemed to be quiet thrilled on such a huge film which will also be a great thing in Vivek”s career…..Read what Suresh Oberoi [Father] and Vivek Anand Oberoi had to say-

Suresh Oberoi said,’ When I got married to Vivek’s mother …she was to be my wife then I remember on the day of my marriage I had told her one thing ….We will have a son and we will name him Vivek Anand Oberoi. Today I feel so happy that my forecast has come true. Suresh will be seen playing P.M. Prime Minister …..mein khush hoon…bus chata hoon film jld shuru ho aur complete ho.”

Adding more Suresh Oberoi said,” It’s the good fortune of Vivek Anand Oberoi that he is playing the role of a karm-yogi, a great leader, who has been accepted by not just India but the whole world. Vivek is very hardworking and I am sure all of them will make an evergreen film. “

Vivek Anand Oberoi: I am extremely fortunate.. Today, I am feeling like I felt 16 years ago, during Company days.. I am feeling the same kind of excitement and hunger because this is a role of a lifetime for any actor. I truly believe at the end of the journey, I pray I become a better actor and a better human being  Narendra Bhai is one of the tallest leaders in the world and to bring his personal and qualities on screen is an incredible challenge and I want all your blessings that we can complete this incredible journey. “

Hope with India Shinning moment being the mantra of P.M.Modi …It will be Shinning Vivek on the bollywood horizon once again

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