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Who Was The Biggest Enemy Of Amitabh Bachchan


 Ali Peter John

Those days Amitabh Bachchan was on his much talked about sabbatical, a time when he had taken a complete break from working in films. He spent the day looking after the needs of the house while Jaya was busy as the Chairperson of the Children’s  Film Society and doing a film once in a way.  He even supervised the work going on in the kitchen under the guidance of a man in white called ‘Sundaram’ (all the domestic staff was dressed in white). At night he went around Bombay to sea all the places he had never seen before….

It was a time when walking into “Prateeksha” (there was no “Jalsa” which was a quaint bungalow called “Bindiya” owned by the well –known producer N.C Sippy who produced films like “Mere Apne”, “Bombay to Goa” , “Anand”, “Mili”, “Achanak” and some others which were all a part of a good film movement which was good till it lasted). “Bindiya” was for sale and Amitabh is said to have bought it for his brother, Ajitabh, but that was not to be, I don’t know why and the Bachchans shifted into a new mansion built in its place and named it “Jalsa”….

Entering “Prateeksha” was not a problem at all, like it is to even stand outside “Jalsa” and besides I had a personal friend who was an ex-Airforce officer who was the only head of security at “Prateeksha, till he retired..

One morning I entered “Prateeksha” only to meet with one of the biggest surprises. The angry young man was in his office with a completely grey beard which I had seen for the first time.

But I was in for a bigger and amusing surprise. The entire staff in white was standing around Amitabh who they addressed as “Da”.  He had spent the whole morning trying to trap a rat that had entered his Cabin. Some of the staff members volunteered to help , but he asked all of them to step back saying, “Aaj mera mukabla isse hai, koi beech mein nahi aayega”. The long battle became quite a scene with everything at “Prateeksha” coming to a standstill.

The rat proved to be a tough competition for the great superstar who kept chasing it with a rat trap in his hands. There was no tea break or lunch break for Amitabh or for anyone else till Amitabh finally trapped the rat and the thrill on his face was better than when it was when he beat the  daylights out of any of the toughest villains.

Will those kinds of incidents and those days ever happen again?

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