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“Working In Big Films Is Worst Than Being A Prostitute”, Says Maushmi Udeshi


Jyothi Venkatesh

At a time when the ‘Me Too’ movement has caught up in a really big way and more and more victimized women are speaking against their oppressors, actress Maushmi Udeshi , who has been a part of the late Nitin Bali’s music video Neele Neele Ambar Ki and Bhaagam Bhaag, has a different viewpoint to tell. Says Udeshi, “It is senseless for all actresses, female directors to say they were raped or molested in our Industry. Its senseless because in our Industry nobody rapes, but sexual favors are openly demanded and if we say yes to them that too before the shoot/work starts you may get the job or may not too. These women who happily accepted such sexual exploitation randomly with many big filmmakers are saying that they were raped or molested which is bullshit especially as it was consensual sex. I never said yes to such demands so kept saying no to good work, main lead roles in big films & have always been vocal about the casting couch which so badly exists in our film industry, in all my interviews. So I have done very selective work with makers who are good human beings who respect real talent and women”.

 “These women happily accepted these demands and agreed to be sex slaves to these powerful film industry men who had the creative control and who took advantage of their positions that they were in. Now why are these women making such a big hue and cry about it? Please don’t say you were raped, say that you accepted such conditions to get big breaks. Most of them didn’t even deserve getting what they got and they got to that position just because they agreed to be sex slaves to these big film makers so why doing all this drama about being raped now? I always use to think that why all women don’t think like me and have the guts to say ‘No’ to such exploitation. If all women were as strong as I am, this Industry would be a nicer place to be in where women would get cast because they are talented and fit the role and not because they sleep around. It would be healthy competition and not dirty rat race because if not a single female is ready to give in to such exploitation how will these men take advantage of women”?

Maushmi continues. “As 8 out of 10 women are ready to accept such crude sexual demands, the men get encouraged to exploit more and more women and really don’t bother about talent or great screen presence, all they see is which female is ready to be the biggest sex slave without asking questions and without asking for money. Working in big films is worst than being a prostitute as these women sleep for piddly shit shoot money that too it starts many months before the film starts till film is released etc. I have heard actresses say we have to have goodwill in this Industry to bag big roles in big films so by sleeping randomly with the top film makers is the only way to make goodwill in this Industry to keep getting work and it is seen that most of these females who accept work with such conditions behind closed doors, behave sati savitris on screen and they don’t do much skin show in front of the camera. Let me clarify that these sexual favors are asked only from females who are outsiders & are not star kids and these favors are not asked even from rich females who come in with loads of money to get launched along with contacts”.

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