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Neha Dhupia has always been in the news for her style and her ‘No Fucks To Give’ attitude. We understand that Everyone is allowed to have their share of faux-pas but Neha has had way too many and to put it simply, they really are downright cringe-worthy.

The former Miss India has days where her style is on point, but we guess she likes it the other way round and that’s a choice she’s allowed to make. But what we can’t make peace with is, that regardless of how bad the outfit looks, Ms. Dhupia does indeed pull it off and no one other than her is capable of doing so.

Here are 10 outfits of Neha Dhupia that made us go ‘Dafuq’!

1. This outfit could have easily invented the phrase ‘What The Fuck’ had it not already existed!

2. When you take the term ‘Drama-Queen’ way too seriously

3. When you choose the least likeable piece of the label

4. When you end up wearing your night suit to a talk show

5. Outrageous and Over the top!

6. When blue became our least favourite colour

7. Ok, someone please spare us the horror!

8. When a curtain becomes your #OOTD

9. When your outfit surpasses the definition of ‘weird’

10. We’re out of words now…

We are sure you have your ‘Never to-do’ list sorted. Also, you guys are not alone, we are recovering from the shock too.

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