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It was particularly in the 90s that Bollywood film titles had surpassed all notions of weirdness. Back in the day, human absurdity could be summed up by naming a film. Now, we have found perfect use for these movie names.

Brace yourselves; this might make you cringe, laugh, cry and curse.

1. When you have “the talk” with your parents. #Awkward


2. When you recently discovered what the hype was all about and now you can’t stop asking for it


3. When you don’t have a partner so you go in search of one


4. When foreplay is your second most favourite thing to do (you’ve already guessed the first)


5. When your partner is awesome in bed


6. When she’s extremely happy with how well you’ve performed


7. When your partner’s out of town and you have to resort to fantasising about them


8. When everyone’s doing it in a group


9. When you realise it’s an absolute necessity and you have to convince your partner


10. *The Moment* when he goes down on you


11. When he finishes before you do


12. When it has turned into an addiction


13. When all your partner does is give you false hopes


14. When it happens, ahem, by accident


15. When you get to play it dirty and love it


16. When you’re afraid to ask for it


17. When your partner abandons you in the middle of foreplay *tch tch*


18. For all those with a non-existent sex life!


For those who couldn’t relate to all the phases and phrases, don’t worry, life will get better. Until then, be your own ray of hope!

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