22 Yards Is For All The Sports Persons', Says Surya Sinha

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Surya Sinha with Saurav Ganguli

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Surya Sinha is a well known motivational speaker, who has also written many books on motivation and invited almost all over the world to deliver speeches on motivation. Very few know that once he was associated with Bollywood too. In 1987 he joined Hindi film industry as financier and producer but in 2000, his bad experiences in Bollywood forced him to snap ties with film industry and he ventured into motivational speeches and book writing. Surya Sinha has returned to Bollywood with the film ''22 Yards''. Sports reporter turned director Mitali Ghoshal has directed this film and it stars Barun Sobti, Panchhi Bora, Rajit Kapoor, Chaiti Ghoshal , Mrinal Mukherjee and Amartya Ray. The film is on the backdrop of cricket but Surya Sinha asserts that his film shows how much hard work one has to do to become a successful player. “We see the players holding shinning trophy and his smiling face but we don't know how much hard work he or she had to go through. Even their families have to sacrifice many things to make him or her sports persons. How a player has to become a dedicated person to scale new heights and once a player becomes successful how sponsoring corporate giants play with their emotion is also depicted in  ''22 yards'' which is a film for all sports persons''.

This film is shot in Mumbai and Kolkata and Mecca of Indian cricket Eden Garden is also shown in this film. The first look of the film was released by ex captain Saurav Ganguli in Mumbai and just seeing the promo he agreed to do the honors. Surya Sinha has planned to spread his wings in Bollywood in a big way and plans are afoot to make more films. Taking a lesson from his past experiences in film industry Surya reiterates that he will not commit the mistakes he had committed earlier. “I am not alone this time as few big international companies too are with me and with the company and support of right people I am sure this time my second inning in Bollywood will be glittering one. Though i have written many books but the writing part of my film will be handled by professional writers as writing a script is different game altogether.

Surya adds that his films will have a message for viewers with entertainment elements. “A film is a powerful medium and I am going to use this medium to spread social messages. Let me assure that my films will not be preachy but will have motivational messages the way Chak De India, Sultan and Dangal had. I am also ready with motivational songs recorded by Dilip Sen, Sanjay Behl and Nirup Sen. These songs will be released time to time. I can say that after listening to my speeches the way audience leave the auditorium with a new hope and energy the same way audience will leave theaters with new energy after seeing my films  as now the right time has come in Bollywood to make meaningful films and I am re-entering Bollywood at the right time'' he signs off on a note of confidence.

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