27th International Conference & Exhibition on Broadcast & Media Technology BES Expo 2023 (Third day Session Report)

BES Expo 2023 (Third day Session Report) (2)

The event was graced by the august presence of Mr. K Rajaraman, Secretary (Telecom), Ministry of Communication. He delivered a speech wherein he emphasized the importance of spectrum and frequency allocation.He concluded by saying that we have new wave of innovation in the country , government is clearly involved in this and we will be happy to support in this.

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The today’s session consists of various themes i.e “Innovations in Radio Broadcasting and Community Radio”, “Cyber Security and Media”, “Content Regulation in digital age”, “Block Chain technology and Broadcasting”.

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Panelist for today’s session –

  • Shri Senthil Rajan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of I&B, GOI.
  • Dr Thaminana KR, Thaminana KR, community radio expert and winner of DRM excellence award
  • Ms Archana Kapoor, Director, SMART, NGO Community radio gave a presentation on “Community Radio Stations”.
  • B Shadrach, served in Commonwealth of Learning, Canada
  • Shri Rakesh Agrawal, Director, Svurg Digital System Solutions Private Limited,
  • Shri Vinayak Godse, CEO, Data Security Council of India Nascom
  • Ahmed Nadeem, Secretary General (Designate) and Director, Technology & Innovation, ABU Malaysia
  • Shri Prasun Gupta, National Crime record Bureau (NCRB)
  • Shri Pawan Duggal, Cyber Security Expert
  • Shri Vikram Sahay, Joint Secretary, Ministry of I&B, GOI
  • Shri Kumar Rakesh, Editorial Chairman, Global Governance News Group
  • Shri Arvind kumar, Director General, STPI
  • Shri Raj Kapoor, Founder, Indian Block chain Alliance
  • Shri Anurag Agrawal, Founder, Data Block
  • Shri Chandrashekhar V, Head, Digital Application Tata Elxsi
  • Shri Alok Rai, COO,STPI

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Experts from around the globe discuss about emerging broadcast technologies and changes happening in the field.The event helps BES meet its objective of disseminating knowledge in Radio & TVbroadcasting among engineers and scientists in India. BES Expo is one of its kindevents held in India and especially in Delhi which attracts visitors from radio & TV

broadcasters across the country, universities and media institutions.