4 romantic films to watch on Sony MAX as you gear up for the monsoon season!

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4 romantic films to watch on Sony MAX as you gear up for the monsoon season!

With monsoons coming up soon, the season of love is around the corner! A supply of munchies and a great selection of movies are sure to make for the perfect evening - Jyothi Venkatesh

Here are some romantic films airing on Sony MAX this June, that you and your partner can enjoy together:

1. The bad-boy Kabir and Preethi’s tumultuous love


Kabir Singh became the talk of the town for being jam-packed with drama, action, and, of course, plenty of romance.

It's the story of a brilliant but volatile Kabir falling in love with the girl-next-door Preethi, and the hurdles they faced during their relationship.

The tumultuous love between Kabir and Preethi is likely to give you those tingly sparks while keeping you at the edge of your seat!

Don’t forget to tune in to Kabir Singh for some whirlwind romance, only on Sony MAX on 10th June at 8 PM!

2. Rocky and Reena’s thrilling mafia romance


If you love mafia romances, you are sure to love KGF! This blockbuster is about Rocky, a young man and his pursuit of power and fortune to fulfill a promise made to his dying mother that leads him to Mumbai resulting in his involvement with the infamous gold mafia. In this journey, he meets and falls in love with Reena Desai, and we get to watch an epic romance!

Watch KGF to experience the thrill of action and romance on Sony MAX on 12th June at 8 PM!

3. Gautham and Yamini’s love story full of hurdles


Turbulent love and unrequited love are top romance preferences and World Famous Lover offers us both! As he writes his romance piece, Gautham, an aspiring writer, walks us through his own love life.

Experience his failures and rejections in his relationships with Yamini and Iza as you travel down the memory lane with him. But don't worry, he does get his happily ever after!

Tune in to World Famous Lover on Sony Max on 11th June at 8 PM to know more about Gautam’s journey!

4. Pia and Rancho’s romance will tickle your funny bones


Rom-coms are the most loved romance genres, and this global hit proves the point. 3 Idiots is a movie that will make you cry buckets and leave you in splits.

The movie displays epic friendship and even an epic romance. Watch this movie for the hilarious ups and downs that Pia and Rancho face in their quirky yet relatable love story.

Watch 3 Idiots on Sony MAX on 14th June at 9 PM for some legendary friendships and romance!

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