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5 Bollywood Films That Struck The Right Chord With Youth


Writing stories for youth is always a challenge, given the diversity of the demographic and capricious tastes. Yet, some filmmakers took that bold step and below is a list of some of their movies that definitely got the youth talking.

1. Gully Boy

Crafting a story on the rap scene in India was a brilliant move but what made it better was the underlying message that the director subtly gave. Choose your identity and own it – Zoya Akhtar made sure that in every shot, each character was well-defined and had a unique identity. With Gully Boy, Zoya tried to change the way youth looked at themselves and she succeeded to quite an extent.

2. Noblemen

Bullying is something many experiences at some point in life but there are repercussions that often leave deep impressions in the mind. Choosing another taboo topic and turning it into a film that left everyone deeply affected by their hard-hitting narrative, Yoodlee Films; Noblemen was a timely punch in the guts over the issue of bullying. Youngsters of all ages resonated with the characters in Noblemen and the film received massive acclaim for realistic portrayal and tasteful casting.

3. Chhichore

The pressure of failure in this uber-competitive world is a common and deathly disease that many youths experience. Through a simple storyline and the relationship between a child and his parents, Chhichore showcased the beauty of life and the needlessness of pressure. The film touches upon topics of suicide, peer and parental pressure as well as mental health and reinvigorates ‘the will to live.’

4. Bala

Another film that tackled a specific topic while giving out a larger message to society was Bala. Through Ayushmann Khurrana’s early balding and Bhumi Pednekar’s dark skin, Bala showed us that looks only mean as much as you want them to. The film shunned the stigma related to premature hair loss and dark skin and taught viewers to respect themselves.

5. The Sky is Pink

Headlined by Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar, The Sky is Pink is a film that left audiences teary-eyed, emotional and yet strengthened. Divulging the emotions parents go through when their child has a medical condition through the roller-coaster ride of Aisha, the film is about a young girl who has pulmonary fibrosis – a rare and fatal disease but has the strong will to live her life to the fullest. Brimming with emotion, this film reinstates the value of familial connections and the significance of every moment alive.

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