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5 Easy Celeb Inspired Looks For Your Everyday Life

  1. Get notable at college 

Having denim-friendly days? Here’s an easy way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans to look pulled together at college.  You’ll be comfortable and meeting people all day, a pair of blue denims and white shirt is an easy and quick combination to pull off for everyone. Try a little fancy white top with minute details like bell sleeves or a smart off shoulder cut to make your simple look more classy.

Make a Statement: Add some pop of colour with a quirky pair of BOBS from Skechers which will add a little fun  to your outfit giving you the young look.


  1. Classy yet sassy employee

Whether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace. Formal pants and a formal shirt is your go to option when you think of work wear. But for days when you want to feel like a boss lady remember you have well-tailored pair of suit in a bold colour  to make a statement in your office.

Make a StatementComfort is key. Remember you wear comfortable pair of Mark Nason shoes to make a statement through comfort.


  1. Treat yourself with some shopping

Some of us love to shop and others not so much, but we‘ve all got to wear clothes. Why not look great, wear a pair of mini skirt. If you’re baring your legs, covering your arms always helps to balance the look up top. A long-sleeved version works to make you feel less exposed.

Make a StatementRemember your shoes has details that can add that spunk to your dressy attire, get  D’Lites to match a perfect look to your skirt


  1. The Perfect Gym Look

Dress for comfort. When it comes to picking your clothes for working out, comfort is king. Picking fabrics that allow you to move, bend, sweat, and lift comfortably is always a smart idea — if you feel better at the gym, you’ll look better. Be a trendsetter just by adding vibrant colours to your Gym wardrobe. 

Make a Statement: Don’t let your shoes hamper your workout, get the NYC Skechers shoes. varun_dhawan

  1. Lazy day Outfit

Sporadic lazy days are a necessity when you’re always on the go, and sometimes a quiet day at home is the best reward you can give yourself. For days when you don’t want to put in a lot of efforts and yet feel comfortable and fashionable. Choose to wear flared coloured pants and a basic tee to put your look together in a easy yet trendsetting way. 

Make a Statement: Wear the BOB’s slip-on  to give your feet that extra care and comfort even when you’re home.


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