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5 Instagram Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities


Preeti Sati



Currently, spell-bounding us all with her amazing looks at the Cannes, Deepika Padukone has all the box ticked when it comes to a perfect Instagram profile. With a whopping 35.2 million followers, Deepika is an absolute eye candy when one goes through her Instagram profile. Just scrolling down her profile is in itself a whole entertainment package as hubby Ranveer Singh never misses a chance to appreciate wife’s pictures. The cute flirting between the love birds are sure couple goals. Deepika posts a plethora of pictures on her Instagram as stories as well as posts. Her wall is flooded with lovely pictures of flowers because Deepika is an immense flower lover.  Not to forget her aww-filled husband appreciation posts whilst the gully boy promotions. We fans are delighted how Deepee treats us with her frequent updates, You go, girl.

Jacqueline Fernandes


Cat-lover Jacky is no way behind Deepika when it comes to treating the fans. Her Instagram profile is adorned with mesmerizing pictures of Jacqueline and her cats. Giving us major Fitness goals with her Yoga and workout videos, Jacqueline manages to get us all the B-town buzz.  She is observed posting updates of her daily workout and shooting routine. But we must say she doesn’t really get social about her love life, which upsets us at once but we ignore it for the sake of Jacky’s other posts which are just irresistible. She is these days spamming her Instagram stories promoting her initiative the RAW Pressery- Cold-pressed juice brand.

Ranveer Singh


Gully boy Ranveer  Singh is an uber-cool Instagrammer who gives us a mix of Desi –Videsi posts on his Instagram profile. Unfortunately, the kind of Ranveer’s cute comments on Deepika’s pictures are not received by Ranveer from Deepika’s side, but his funny posts a worth everyone’s time. Ranveer caters to the need to 23.2 million followers who are desperately waiting to see what next Ranveer has to post.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra, wait Priyanka Chopra Jonas actually; has been setting the Insta-town on fire with her bold and gorgeous looks at the Cannes and Met gala. The cherry on the cake, her adorable posts with hubby Nick Jonas are a daily cuteness dose for 40.3 Million followers. Her wall mostly contains intimate pictures of her with family and friends. we shall not exclude Diana, Priyanka’s little wonder- her Chihuahua dog who is often seen on Peecee’s wall. Diana has a different account handle as well with the username- Diaries of Diana.

Kartik Aaryan


The heartthrob of the nation or our Punchnama baby Kartik Aaryan is a full-time obsessed Instagrammer. Currently posting BTS with co-actor Sara Ali Khan, Kartik has probably not had a day when he didn’t post updates on Instagram; and why not? 9.7 Million followers wait to see what is Kartik is upto. Kartik mostly posts pictures with co-stars and magazine covers he has been featured in. Kartik doesn’t hesitate from posting memes on him though. We got to say Kartik is a true youth sensation these days.

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