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Sonam Kapoor reinvented fashion in Bollywood. She showed us, fashion is so much more than just following the latest trends; it’s about breaking stereotypes and stepping out of your comfort zones. It’s also about experimenting with your choices. Ever since she stepped into Bollywood, Sonam has been making heads turn with her flawless and outrageous looks. This woman will always take you by surprise. Here’s a look at how Sonam got rid of all the clichés and decided to adorn the outfits that nobody else could possibly think of.

1. Sonam makes quite a statement in Proenza Schouler’s off shoulder and whiter perforated beaded dress! She’s unafraid to experiment and she dresses up for herself, making it clear that she ain’t here to please anybody with her sense of style!

2. Who hasn’t seen this sorbet-coloured Elie Saab gown Sonam wore for one of her red carpet appearances at Cannes. While quite a few consider it to be one of Sonam’s Biggest Faux Pas, one has to admit that Sonam pulls off a faux pas with just as much ease and panache! That’s Sonam just being herself!

3. Here’s Sonam Kapoor effortlessly making a fashion statement in this Anvaila saree and telling the world why she’s one of a kind. From the length of the saree to the brogues, nobody could have pulled this look off looking half as good as her.

4. Sonam Kapoor redefines *unconventional*! Draped in this Nikasha saree and adorning Amrapali jewels, Sonam does it again. This look is bold for an Indian wedding, who says? If you’re Sonam Kapoor you can make bold look beautiful!

5. This particular outfit of Sonam Kapoor garnered a lot of attention recently. Dressed in Rosario Atelier Sonam looks chic, suave and HOT! The ruffles around the neckline and the perfect fit of the jumpsuit make this an enviable look.  Sonam pulls this off with such ease and poise!

One can only sit and wonder what it takes to be Sonam Kapoor! We salute her confidence and are in awe of her un-imitable fashion choices. She’s one of a kind and these looks are just an example of that. Also,  we couldn’t be happier for finally Sonam and Rhea Kapoor have launched their clothing line ‘RheSon’ which is just as endearing and experimental as their style, to top it all it’s affordable too!

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