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5 Shocking Things We Learnt About Taapsee Pannu’s Journey To Stardom 


Did you know? Taapsee Pannu left her house and family at the age of 22. She went from being an engineering student who did small modelling assignments to being one of the biggest names in Bollywood today. On the audio show “Kissa Khwaabon Ka”, available on Audible Suno, she talks about her struggles in the movie industry, being an “outsider” and never losing confidence in yourself.

Here are some of the most jaw-dropping things she had to say:

“Even after 3 big hits, I never got any recognition from my fellow actors and actresses. No nominations, no praise. Media raised the voice for me & today I’m happy and really don’t care about their opinions” 

Talking about the lack of industry recognition she gets from fellow actors and actresses, Taapsee says that around the time Pink released, this used to upset her greatly, but putting out constant successes like Manmarziyaan, Badla, Soorma, Saandh Ki Aankh and other movies is her way to make sure everyone has to talk about her performances. If the audience notices, then the industry has to acknowledge it as well.

“I accepted that I’m average and embraced it so that no one could use it against me” 

Tapsee vent out saying how her agency told her that nobody would like to meet her after her first decent break in Bollywood. She decided to come down to Bombay and make her own way. Many thought she was desperate. But she wanted to try her luck once before she quits on her own terms.

“For most of my life, I thought acting = being fake”

Taapsee recounts how when she was younger, she didn’t want to have anything to do with acting and she always thought playing a character was very fake, which is why she never considered being an actor.

“My Ja Simran Jee li apni Zindagi moment”

Taapsee’s dad was really worried when she initially started her career in modelling. She has seen her dad having sleepless nights. But with her excellent marks, dedication towards her career and being placed in Infosys in her 3rd year, her dad gave her the freedom to explore more opportunities.

“Reality hit me really hard. I realised that studying is what I’m good at”

 Taapsee, who took part in Femina Miss India when she was 20, was eliminated in the first round of the competition, despite winning Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face” and “Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin”. She now believes that her success is greater than where she could have been in the pageant world.

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