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5 shows that accurately depict common issues faced by the Gen Z


Partying, adventures, socializing, meeting new people, and surfing the internet – to the outside world, this is the life of a Gen Z in a nutshell.

But there’s a lot more to it than just fun. In the recent past, lots of noise have been made about the problems like hacking, cyber bullying, fraud, ransomware attacks, identity theft, peer pressure, social anxiety, drugs and more to which this generation is the most prone to – Jyothi Venkatesh

And as we know, fiction duplicates reality, there are shows which have time and again brought these issues to limelight.

Here we bring to you a list of shows that did a phenomenal job at talking about and portraying these issues which every Gen Z can relate to.

Hello Mini 3:

An edgy psychological thriller that oozes suspense with every episode, and has been lauded by fans and critics alike, for the brilliant performances by the actors, as well as the captivating screenplay.

Produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Goldie Behl’s Rose Audio Visual, Hello Mini 3 deals with Mini’s tryst with a stranger, as she faces instability in her life due to the intervention of an unknown man.

The issue is so common, that even the protagonist of the show Anuja Joshi aka Mini previously disclosed about being stalked in real life.

Where to Watch: MX Player


The transitional stage between childhood and adulthood, also known as the teenage years is not easy.

Filled with stress, self-esteem issues, puberty changes, peer pressure, and the need to fit in, it’s very easy to get misguided and make one hasty decision that could impact your whole life.

RejctX follows the story of high school students who go through life having to deal with similar issues, while being there for each other.

Where to Watch: ZEE5

Love, Lust, and Confusion:

Most people fantasize about the implausible. After all, fantasizing is just harmless, right?

Wrong. Some fantasies can cross the line, and what happens when you decide to act on them?

Poroma Sarkar’s fiancé has to leave the country for a year, to fulfil work requirements. But what happens when Poroma decides to keep him in the dark in the meantime, and live her life wildly stepping out of her small world.

The show explores the deep dark fantasies of every youngster and how they struggle as they go on the journey to fulfil them.

Where to Watch: Viu


The internet has been known to be a boon to most, after all it makes life so much easier. But sometimes, it can be as much a bane too.

Cybercrimes in the recent past have skyrocketed and this series brings out the nightmarish effects hacking can have, ever so nonchalantly.

Virkar, a police officer who does not believe in conforming to societal norms, takes up a case, of a college student’s murder, through which he uncovers a group of hackers who misuse the internet for money, through threats and blackmail.

The show which is produced by Applause Entertainment stars Prateik Babbar in the lead role and did a great job in bringing to light issues like sexploitation on web, use of cryptocurrency and hacking.

Where to Watch: MX Player

Inside Edge:

How often have we seen youth give in to the pressures of power and money? Lack of guidance and motivation often leads them to being slowly engulfed in darkness from where escape becomes impossible.

Inside Edge is the story of a sports game, comprising young players, supported by a dedicated fanbase.

But the world of cricket is not as peaches and roses as it seems. More often than not, the cricketers operate in the grey, and this series highlights the dark accounts of the inevitable, as the young cricketers succumb to the high that money and power can bring.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

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