5 times Aashiqana Season 1 and 2 served us with twists and turns we can’t seem to get over!

By Team Bollyy
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Murder Ke Mausam Mein, pyaar strikes back, as Disney+ Hotstar drops the trailer of the third season of Aashiqana! Yash (Zayn Ibad Khan) and Chikki (Khushi Dubey) have intrigued fans and audiences throughout season one and two, with interesting twists and turns in their life, but there are a few iconic moments we still can’t seem to get over. While we eagerly wait for Season3, let's take a look at turning points from Season 1 and 2!

Chikki falling in love with Yash

While the two are poles apart and never seem to agree, Chikki does not seem to realize when she falls in love with Yash and that is indeed the most endearing moment across seasons 1 and 2.

Chikki breaking stereotypes

Throughout season 1, we witness Chikki attempt to fight the society’s misogyny. She inspires us with her wit and powerful stance when she speaks to Dadi during her first interaction, questioning her rule book for girls and breaking societal barriers and stereotypes

Yash wins his self-respect back

While Yash faced several changes in season 1, audiences were in for much more drama and entertainment as he did everything in his power to rebuild his lost reputation and face new challenges with ease and patience

Yash fights off assassins

With high-octane action sequences and power-packed stunts, season 2's most impactful scene is when Yash comes face to face with the assassins and fights them, just to save Chikki.

Chikki and Yash’s marriage

Yash and Chikki’s sudden marriage at the end of Season 1, left audiences wanting for more . While season 2 saw them navigate through personal and professional obstacles and bring them together and apart, we can’t wait to witness what season 3 has in store for their relationship

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