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"Freedom lies in being bold," a line by Robert Frost is perhaps the very essence of Kalki Koechlin's life. This one-of-a-kind actress is not just limited to the stage or silver screen, but is also a liberal feminist (don't cringe at the word), a slam poetess, writer and social activist. For Kalki, voicing her opinion and standing for what is right comes naturally and this shows in all of her creative endeavours.

In the recent past, the actress has collaborated with several YouTube channels to creatively highlight women's and societal issues. If you're a woman, you won't have a problem relating with these, and if you're a man, it wouldn't harm to know the plight of the opposite gender. These 6 are definitely worth your time:

1. Things Women Should Stop Telling Other Women

Kalki's latest video in collaboration with Miss Malini is a message to women. Often, it is women who bring each other down and stand against each other in times of crisis. The actress tries to highlight the importance of support and believing in themselves for women. Let's build each other up, indeed.

2. Noise

On the World Music Day, Kalki  came up with a music video which was a celebration as well as criticism of noise. Released on Blush's YouTube channel, the video is a heady and provocative piece that explores the impact of noise in our lives and how it can mask or unearth deeper truths. The video was Kalki’s  second collaboration with Blush.

3.The Printing Machine

This rhythmic, scathing satire against the presentation of women's issues in daily news, social media and textbooks is perhaps my favourite video by the talented diva. Directed by Akansha Seda and written by Kalki herself, this video was her first collaboration with Blush. Everything from the screenplay, the write-up, expressions, sound track and the message will instantly have you hooked. 

4. Dear Men

A monologue titled ‘Just Another Rant’ was performed by Kalki on International Women’s Day.Later, YouTube channel Bollywood Gandu teamed up with the actress to execute the poem in the form of a video titled ‘Dear Men’.Here she articulates how the dimensions of patriarchy have affected our society. This piece is probably one of the most hard-hitting, direct attempts to unmask the lie we live in. 

5. Honest Matrimonial Ad

For this video, ScoopWhoop got together with Kalki. It is a satirical look at the bias that is often seen in a matrimonial ad, thereby bringing to fore, once again, the flaws that we as a society face. 

6. Rape - It's your fault

This video was a sarcastic take on the victim-blaming that happens in India. It showcased absurd reasons given by people for attacks on women. Made in collaboration with All India Bakchod (AIB), the video went viral within hours of being uploaded, and for all the right reasons of course.

Did we miss out on anything that should've been a part of the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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